Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray Anime Rumored in Production Following Website Domain Registration

According to recent rumors, a web domain with the name “umamusume-cinderellagray dot com”has surfaced, leading to speculation that the manga created by Taiyou Kuzumi, Itou Junnosuke, Pita, Sugiura Masafumi, and Cygames may soon be adapted into an anime series titled Uma Musume Cinderella Gray.

It should be noted that there is currently no confirmation of the release of the Uma Musume Cinderella Gray anime, making all discussions about it mere speculation.

Please note: This article contains spoilers for the series and reflects the personal opinions of the author. Other individuals’ opinions may differ.

There are reports that a potential Uma Musume Cinderella Gray anime could be in development.

Despite previous rumors, no official confirmation has been made about the development of a Uma Musume Cinderella Gray anime. However, the registration of a web domain named “umamusume-cinderellagray dot com”has sparked speculation among fans that the anime may soon become a reality.

This can be attributed to the fact that the majority of anime adaptations have a dedicated website where the staff regularly updates the progress of the project, making it a logical occurrence. Furthermore, this aligns with the speculations surrounding the adaptation of this sports-themed manga, although no additional details have been revealed at present.

The premise of the series

Some samples of the manga (Image via Shueisha).
Some samples of the manga (Image via Shueisha).

The anime adaptation of Uma Musume Cinderella Gray will showcase the popular Cygames spinoff manga series, which explores the idea of raising horses in a world very similar to our own. However, there is one notable difference: in this world, racehorses have the chance to be reborn as horse girls, giving them the opportunity to compete in a unique division.

The girls who excel in their abilities have the chance to compete at Tokyo’s Tracen Academy, known as the premier training center for horse racing in the series. It should also be noted that each spinoff of this manga features a different girl, all of whom share the common goal of becoming idols.

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