Upcoming Anime Magic Maker Revealed with PV and Visual for 2025 Release

The official staff shared a promotional video and visual on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 to announce the production of Magic Maker anime. The title is scheduled to premiere in 2025, as stated in the announcement. Along with the PV and visual, the anime’s cast and staff details have also been revealed.

The Magic Maker anime, which is based on Kaburagi Kazuki’s light novel series of the same name, is an adaptation of the author’s work first published on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in 2017. The light novel, featuring illustrations by Ten, is published by Kadokawa. There is also a manga adaptation of the novels by Tomozo Nishioka.

Magic Maker Anime’s Trailer Announces 2025 Release Window

On Wednesday, July 10, 2024, Kadokawa announced the upcoming release of the Magic Maker anime, based on Kazuki Kaburagi’s light novels of the same name. The announcement was made through a promotional video, which was shared on a newly opened website and X account. The PV also revealed further details about the highly anticipated release in 2025.

The teaser trailer showcases the main character, Shion, and his sister, Marie. Although the PV does not give away many details about the anime’s storyline, it does hint at Shion’s strong fascination with magic. Additionally, it is disclosed that in his past life, he was a man from the modern world.

Magic Maker anime's visual (Image via Studio Deen)
Magic Maker anime’s visual (Image via Studio Deen)

The cast for the roles of Shion and Marie has been revealed, with Megumi Han taking on the role of Shion and Ai Kakuma voicing Marie in this Isekai anime. The voice actors have shared their excitement for being a part of the series, with comments posted on both the anime’s website and X account.

In an interesting turn of events, the promotional video showcases the character voices of Shion and Marie. Along with the video, the official staff has also released a key visual featuring an illustration of Marie and Shion happily witnessing a magical phenomenon at a lake.

Staff and Plot for Magic Maker Anime

Shion, as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Deen)
Shion, as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Deen)

The key personnel for the anime have been officially announced. Kazuomi Koga, known for their work on The Banished Former Hero Lived as He Pleases, will serve as director at Studio Deen, while Keiichiro Ochi will oversee and write the series scripts.

Takayuki Noguchi has been added to the staff as the character designer, and Kana Hashiguchi and Kei Yoshikawa have been recruited as the music composers. The music is being produced by TOY’S FACTORY.

Shion and Marie, as seen in the trailer (Image via Studio Deen)
Shion and Marie, as seen in the trailer (Image via Studio Deen)

The anime is adapted from Kazuki Kaburagi’s light novel series and tells the tale of a man who, despite his fascination with magic in the modern world, dies and is subsequently reborn as Shion in another realm.

Despite his belief that magic did not exist in the new world, the protagonist’s hope was renewed when he and his sister, Marie, stumbled upon a magical phenomenon while visiting a nearby lake.

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