Update on Legal Proceedings Against Malicious Posts by LE SSERAFIM’s Agency

SOURCE MUSIC has provided an update on the legal actions being taken against malicious posts directed at LE SSERAFIM.

On June 7, SOURCE MUSIC made an official announcement on the Weverse platform, providing updates on the ongoing legal action against defamatory posts directed towards LE SSERAFIM.

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“Hello. This is SOURCE MUSIC.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the concerns that some of the current events may have caused our fans, who love and support LE SSERAFIM.

We have declared plans to strengthen legal procedures, since indiscriminate and malicious posts targeting LE SSERAFIM have become extreme.

Therefore, we moved up our 2024 semi-annual notice to keep our fans update regarding the legal proceedings and actions. We apologize for the delay in sharing these proceedings due to the preparation of numerous legal complaints and the gathering of evidence.

The agency applies a comprehensive manner in collecting evidence related to the artists, involving malicious posts on social media and online communities, and this covers domestic and overseas areas.

Evidence has also been collected through the fans’ reports, and by implementing all professional methods such as the assistance from domestic and foreign law firms.”

SOURCE MUSIC then revealed that numerous posts and comments were collected and forwarded to the investigative authorities.

The accusations consist of contempt, libel, cyber sex offenses, malicious slander, spreading of misinformation, personal insults, derogatory statements, ridicule, and indecent comments.

“The posts and comments that are punishable by law are those uploaded on portal sites and online communities such as Naver, Nate Pann, theqoo, Dcinside, instiz, and ilbe, as well as social media platforms.

In addition to this, an official complaint has been filed with investigative authorities against malicious posts and comments on international platforms, as well as the managers of those channels.

We will make use of this time to provide updates on the legal actions we had taken before. We would also like to let you know that this case will be handled through an extensive investigation, which will inspect those who have authorized malicious posts and comments online.

The investigation also concluded with verdicts who are guilty, as the offenders were also punished under criminal law, and faced fines up to two million KRW ($1,461 USD).”

“The agency affirmed their dedication to eradicating any crimes committed against our artists under the name of SOURCE MUSIC, no matter how long it may take. They also emphasized their unwavering stance of providing no leniency or settlements, ensuring that all perpetrators are duly punished, as this has been their longstanding practice.”

The agency continued, expressing their gratitude for the constant love and support for LE SSERAFIM. They urged anyone with information regarding any cases of violation to report them to SOURCE MUSIC’s legal hotline at protect@sourcemusic.com. The agency reassured that they will continue to strive towards protecting the rights of their artists.

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