Veteran Actor’s Critique of Modern Actors

On the 30th, during an appearance on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’, Lee Soon-jae shared his perspective on acting.

At nearly 90 years of age, Lee Soon-jae shared his thoughts, saying, “That’s how it has been. I am able to continue because I have taken care of my health.”He also reflected, “Never did I imagine I would still be acting at this stage in my life. But such is the life of an actor. Regardless of how tired we may be, we rise to our feet when we reach the set. It’s simply the nature of our profession.”

At the ‘Baeksang Arts Awards,’ Lee Soon-jae gave a moving performance and shared, “Recently, I underwent cataract surgery which has affected my vision. I believe my age and condition may have evoked some sympathy from the audience while I was on stage. Yoo Yeon-seok and I share a teacher-student relationship, and I believe it was this special bond that brought out my emotions.”

During that time, Lee Soon-jae had commented, “I am simply an actor who has put in a lot of effort,”which had a profound impact. He modestly expressed, “I may not have been a standout actor, but I dedicated myself to hard work. The process of creation allows for exceptional artists to emerge, but it is never the ultimate destination. I believe that the world of artistic creation is boundless, without any concept of perfection or completion. The same applies to acting. It is not about reaching the peak, but rather, about delivering a great performance. Every actor possesses their own unique artistic qualities.”

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Presently, Lee Soon-jae has launched the production of ‘Who Doesn’t Know This Person,’ where he shared his sentiments, stating, “My wish is for individuals to comprehend the value of liberal democracy. As someone who lived through the Korean War, I recognize the eternal tragedy it holds in our country’s past.”

Lee Soon-jae emphasized the importance of punctuality and preparation in his acting philosophy. He believes in thoroughly preparing for his role in advance to deliver a perfect performance. In the past, actors used to rehearse lines together, and on the set of ‘High Kick,’ he would constantly rehearse lines with Na Moon-hee. This practice ensures a flawless performance without any mistakes.

Lee Soon-jae shared his interest in starring in a sitcom for JTBC, stating, “I am keen on participating in a silver sitcom that showcases the lives of grandfathers, their families, and the ups and downs of life. It would be an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Shin Goo and Park Geun-hyung on this project.”

Speaking about younger actors, Lee Soon-jae stated that while there are those who approach their craft diligently, there are also those who lack commitment. He noted that many are unable to maintain their success in the long run as they become fixated on their initial achievements. Instead, he believes that they should be open to transformation and take on diverse roles. Lee Soon-jae emphasized the importance of leading by example, stating that seniors in the industry should also strive to do their best.

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