Vietnam’s VCS League in Trouble Due to Match-Fixing Scandal

The VCS, Vietnam’s professional League of Legends league, has been affected by a significant match-fixing scandal that could potentially jeopardize the entire region’s scene. Despite previous instances of pro play match-fixing in League of Legends, the VCS scandal stands out as particularly severe. Here is a breakdown of the important details surrounding the VCS match-fixing scandal.

The VCS has been consistently known as a strong underdog region in international League of Legends tournaments, with a few notable Vietnamese players and teams causing upsets and making their presence known for several years. The upcoming MSI in 2024 was highly anticipated as the perfect opportunity to witness their top team in action.

Despite not playing in a major region, these players are not compensated at the same level. As a result, some players have reportedly turned to dubious practices such as match-fixing and profiting from bets to supplement their income.

Despite not being the first betting scandal to occur in the VCS, this particular one has garnered attention due to its extensive impact on the league. It has the potential to greatly harm the professional scene of the entire region. Here is a comprehensive overview of all the known information regarding the VCS match-fixing scandal.

Why did the VCS shut down?

The VCS organizers became aware of a potential issue with match-fixing within the league on March 18, 2024, leading to the initial shutdown.

The shutdown was put in place in order to investigate any possible involvement of players or coaches in deliberately influencing game outcomes. At the time the shutdown occurred, it was decided that the teams eligible for playoffs would be determined based on the standings at the end of Week 7.

It wasn’t until more than a week later when the VCS released a statement regarding the suspension of at least one player from each team in the league. The VCS addressed the situation in the following tweet:

After reviewing the initial results, we made the decision to temporarily halt all competition activities for the following individuals. We will continue to gather and analyze additional data during this suspension. These individuals will not be permitted to take part in any Riot Games Esports events, including official tournaments or those organized by third parties.

List of Suspended Players in VCS Scandal

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

BeanJ, one of the players suspended in this scandal, has represented Vietnam at both MSI and Worlds in the past.

In the VCS, a total of 32 players and coaches were suspended for their involvement in match-fixing. However, it is worth noting that not all of these League professionals and coaches received permanent suspensions or faced further administrative consequences following the investigation.

The roster of 32 players reveals the individuals who were deemed innocent in the investigation, as well as the length of bans for those who were found guilty.

At present, there is a complete roster of the players and coaches currently involved, organized by the teams they are affiliated with in the league.

GAM Esports

  • Do ‘Blazes’ Dinh Sang (Mid Laner) [Innocent]
  • Le ‘Pyshiro’ Viet Huy (ADC) [18 Months]

Team Whales

  • Quach ‘Qiang’ Khanh Hoang (Jungler) [3 Years]
  • Hoang ‘Eddie’ Cong Nghia (ADC) [2 Years]

Vikings Esports

  • Ngo ‘Kratos’ Duc Khanh (Top Laner) [8 Months]
  • Luong ‘Gury’ Hai Long (Jungler) [Innocent]
  • Vo ‘Kairi’ Van Phi (Support) [8 Months]
  • Nguyen ‘Bunn’ Vu Khang Nguyen (Support Sub) [8 Months]

Team Secret

  • Quach ‘Qiang’ Khanh Hoang (Jungler) [29 Months]
  • Hoang ‘Eddie’ Cong Nghia (ADC) [8 Months]

MGN Blue Esports

  • Vo ‘Ryuk’ Hoang Le Khang (Top Laner) [18 Months]
  • Dao ‘Rigel’ Van Tuan (Top Lane Sub) [Innocent]
  • Nguyen ‘Sorn’ Minh Hao (Jungle) [36 Months]
  • Bui ‘Froggy’ Van Minh Hai (Mid Lane) [36 Months]
  • Pepper ‘Zodiac’ Quoc Luong (Support) [18 Months]

Team Flash

  • Le ‘Dzung’ Minh Dung (Manager) [3 Years]
  • Dinh ‘Marcus’ Bui Quoc Cuong (Top Laner) [2 Years]
  • Le ‘Draktharr’ Ngoc Toan (Jungler) [Innocent]
  • Nguyen ‘Jane’ Hoang Khanh (Mid Laner) [15 Months]
  • Luong ‘Puddin’ Thanh Tai (ADC) [6 Months]

Cerberus Esports

  • Nguyen ‘Pun’ Dang Khoa (Top Laner) [Innocent]
  • Tran ‘Ikigai’ Bao Quang (Jungler) [26 Months]
  • Nguyen ‘Richard I’ Hoang Phu (Mid Laner) [Innocent]
  • Nguyen ‘Slowz’ Huy Hung [Innocent]

Rainbow Warriors (Organization Banned)

  • Le Anh Tien (Rainbow Warriors Founder) [3 Years]
  • Nguyen ‘HinieeeC’ Hoang Nghia (Manager) [Permanent Board]
  • Nguyen ‘Raze’ Ky Vuong (Coach) [Permanent Ban]
  • Nguyen ‘Yuki’ Anh Kiet (Top Laner) [Permanent Ban]
  • Nguyen ‘2T’ Trong Tri (Top Laner) [Permanent Ban]
  • Nguyen ‘Spot’ Phan Dinh Khoi (Jungler) [Permanent Ban]
  • Nguyen ‘Hyo’ Trung Hieu’Trung Hieu (Jungler) [1 Year]
  • Nguyen ‘Artifact’ Van Hau (Mid Laner) [3 Years]
  • Vu ‘K1ller’ Quoc Hung (ADC) [18 Months]

As of now, it is uncertain when the VCS Summer Split will begin and most teams have not yet finalized their rosters. The league and its future remain uncertain at the time of writing.

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