Viewers Divided Over Crew Member Working 25 Hours Straight on Below Deck Med

After working for 25 hours straight on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, second stew Elena Dubaich was completely drained and fans had varying reactions.

During the initial charter on Season 9 of Below Deck Mediterranean, second stew Elena Dubaich had a challenging evening.

She attempted to rouse Chef Johnathan Shillingford in order to prepare late-night snacks for the guests, but he refused to get up. As a result, she took it upon herself to cook and did not rest until 6:00 a.m.

Upon learning of the situation, Chief Stew Aesha Scott advised Elena to not stay up too late with the guests, stating that it may give the impression that she was spending too much time with them.

Reddit users who are fans of Below Deck Med expressed their thoughts on the episode in which Elena worked for 25 consecutive hours. Their opinions were divided on the matter.

One fan wrote, “I love Aesha, but I disagree with her statement about Ellie staying up until 6. It was necessary for her to do so, as she barely had time to catch her breath with all the guests.”

The individual’s suggestion to make drinks instead of snacks was met with disagreement from another user, who shared their experience of spending 35 minutes in a state of panic over what to prepare for late-night snacks due to feeling overwhelmed.

On X, a third viewer showed their support for Elena and praised her for going above and beyond without complaining. However, during the tip meeting, Captain Sandy Yawn publicly humiliated her when discussing the situation.

Below Deck Med charter guests

Elena Dubaich makes drinks with the guests on Below Deck Med.

Elena not only disagreed with the rules, but Captain Lee Rosbach also strongly criticized Captain Sandy’s remark about never waking the chef.

Fans believed that Captain Sandy should have offered her more positive encouragement, considering that she had been solely attending to the guests for 25 hours straight.

The captain chose to criticize rather than commend the stew’s hard work in managing a challenging situation.

In upcoming installments of Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy and Elena may face more conflict if she continues to do things that the captain disapproves of.

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