Walkthrough for the Coffee Warehouse Section of Alan Wake 2: North Star

In the first major expansion of Alan Wake 2, Night Springs, Jesse Faden visits Coffee World in search of her brother. As she nears the end of her quest, Jesse must navigate through the challenging Coffee Warehouse, where enemies lurk ready to take her out in an instant. But fear not, as we will guide you through this section and teach you how to successfully evade the COFFEE.

Section on Coffee Warehouses in Alan Wake 2: North Star

Once you have successfully completed the voice verification on the intercom, which requires finding three pieces of information, you will be required to relinquish your weapon and enter the coffee warehouse. The initial sight upon entering will be a coffee thermos mascot, who is unfriendly and has the ability to instantly eliminate you if he catches sight of you. It is impossible to outrun or sneak past him; simply being spotted by his caffeinated gaze means certain death.

  • Firstly, turn left and take cover behind the stacks of coffee beans.
  • As he nears the sacks area, gradually return to your starting position and then turn right.
  • In the back of the warehouse, you’ll find an office table.
  • Approach the table, and grab the Office Warehouse Key.
  • Make your way back to where you started and approach the Warehouse Office, which is illuminated by a green light.

Make your way to the office and use the Office Warehouse Key to unlock it.

Upon entering, you will find refuge from the mascot and have the opportunity to relax or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Navigating through the warehouse section is not as challenging once you have a good grasp of what you’re doing. However, reaching the warehouse itself presents a greater obstacle due to the math puzzle that must be solved beforehand. Night Springs, a brief yet enjoyable expansion, features the return of some recognizable characters.

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