Warzone glitch lets you run attachments you haven’t unlocked

Through experimentation, players of Warzone have uncovered a method to utilize locked attachments on weapons and incorporate them into their loadouts.

The latest installment of Warzone, Season 3, has brought in a variety of new weapons for players to acquire. However, in order to be successful in the battle royale, one must level up these weapons and unlock their best attachments. Despite this, a clever player has discovered a workaround that allows them to use attachments that are not yet unlocked in their loadout.

Robstarr, a content creator, recently shared a glitch on X that allows players to equip locked attachments on their Warzone loadout in Season 3. While this method has been previously discovered and fixed in Warzone, it appears that the Season 3 update has reactivated the glitch.

Robstarr claims that all that is required is:

  1. Proceed to Private Match.
  2. Build a loadout by selecting the weapon and attachments of your preference.
  3. Once the attachments have been chosen, save the build as a Custom Mod while still on the attachments screen (by pressing L2/LT on the controller).
  4. Exit the Private Match and enter Warzone.
  5. Prior to searching for a match, make sure to visit your loadouts.
  6. To use the Custom Mod, access your saved files and select the desired weapon to apply it to the loadout.

By correctly following these steps, you will have the ability to create a personalized weapon build in Private Match using any attachments you prefer, just like in a Warzone match where all attachments are unlocked regardless of weapon level.

Despite having been previously encountered multiple times in Warzone, this method has consistently been addressed and resolved. Therefore, we anticipate it to be addressed once again in the near future. Nonetheless, it is currently a viable option for players, particularly for those looking to utilize and upgrade the new MORS Sniper Rifle and FJX Horus SMG with optimal attachments to enhance their performance.

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