Warzone Players Disgruntled by Poor Visibility Leading to Deaths

Players of Warzone have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s visibility, stating that they struggle to see during combat and labeling it as the worst they have encountered.

Although selecting the most effective guns and Perks is crucial, it becomes meaningless if you are unable to identify your enemies. Gamers dedicate a significant amount of time to perfecting their settings, but some believe that the game itself poses challenges in terms of visibility.

The Reddit user ‘KeyPineapple61’ posted a screenshot of their experience, where their enemy appeared to be invisible as they were standing in a doorway. Initially, it was difficult to see them during the fight, but as shots were fired, they seemed to completely disappear into the darkness.

“The OP expressed frustration with the poor visibility in the FPS game, saying, “I’ve never seen it this bad before. Jesus Christ.”In the comments, they added, “As soon as I’m being shot, the opponent disappears. It’s impossible to see anything.”

Some of the worst visibility iv ever seen in a fps game Jesus Christ byu/KeyPineapple61 inCODWarzone

Many other Warzone enthusiasts also chimed in, concurring that the limited visibility is proving to be a hindrance in winning certain battles depending on one’s location on the map.

“Some players expressed frustration with a particular game, stating, “I’ve mentioned this before, but everyone just dismisses it as a ‘skill issue.’ I’ve tested different settings to improve my visibility, but nothing seems to make a difference,”one comment read. Another player also shared their experience, saying, “There are certain spots on Rebirth where it’s impossible to see anything from the outside.”

Several individuals even drew comparisons to other battle royale games, contending that they do not encounter similar visibility problems while playing Apex Legends or Fortnite.

Another player argued, “Apex has mastered visibility. I have played over 500 hours of Apex and have never encountered such an issue. Simply adding a light outline for players is all it takes, but some people here would argue that it ‘ruins the immersion.’ How pathetic.”

Despite being a persistent problem for numerous Warzone players, it remains crucial to run with the optimal FOV settings in order to have the best chance of detecting enemies. Additionally, it is important to fine-tune your controller or mouse and keyboard configuration to quickly aim at them and push through any challenges posed by limited visibility.

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