Waterbomb Star Kwon Eunbi’s Outfit Sparks Controversy: Agency Responds

Kwon Eunbi, known for her mesmerizing performances, once again stole the show at Waterbomb Seoul 2024, which took place on July 6th at KINTEX Outdoor Global Stage in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do.

Due to her previous title as the “Waterbomb Goddess,”there was great anticipation for her appearance this year.

Kwon Eun-bi
Kwon Eun-bi(Photo : naver)

Last year, Kwon Eunbi gained attention for her bikini style, leading fans to eagerly anticipate her fashion choices for this year.

Despite this, her outfit, consisting of a white top and a blue bikini, has caused a stir of reactions among internet users.

Kwon Eunbi
Kwon Eunbi(Photo : naver)

Despite the Waterbomb festival’s water-centric theme intended to be playful, it received mixed reactions online due to conflicting expectations from some attendees.

  • “No matter how popular the event is, her clothes are too revealing”
  • “This outfit is not very suitable to wear to perform with dance”
  • “I expect something like a swimsuit. It was a little disappointing that it was just a normal stage costume for music broadcasts”
  • “I was looking forward to something colorful like her costumes at Waterbomb last year”
  • “It would have been better if the Waterbomb had a swimsuit feel, but it’s disappointing because it’s just an ordinary music show outfit”

The discussions surrounding Woollim Entertainment’s artist Kwon Eunbi went beyond just fashion critique, as her agency addressed the severe online misconduct and defamation against her.

A statement released by Woollim Entertainment on July 5th shed light on the difficult situation that Kwon Eunbi has been dealing with outside of the spotlight.

Despite the controversy, Kwon Eunbi’s fans have shown their support by praising her performance and standing by her decision to wear the festive attire at Waterbomb Seoul 2024.

“This ensemble truly embodies the essence of summer and the occasion,”noted an encouraging supporter, emphasizing the favorable reception amidst the current legal disputes.

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