Welcome Back Lia: ITZY Member Finally Returns to Celebrate Group Anniversary

MIDZYs, how are you all doing? After 18 months, Lia has finally reunited with ITZY to commemorate their anniversary and participate in activities together.

On July 8, 2024, ITZY shared on their social media platforms that they would be hosting a live stream that evening at 8:30 PM KST to commemorate their fifth anniversary. Fans with keen eyes were swift to spot that the promotional photo featured a set with five chairs instead of the usual four.

People began to hypothesize that Lia would participate in the upcoming schedule with the group. In September of 2023, JYP Entertainment had disclosed that Lia would take a temporary break from her activities due to health concerns, including severe stress and anxiety. At the time, Lia had shared a heartfelt message to her fans, expressing her determination to make a full recovery and come back stronger.

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And true to her word, she delivered! A few days prior to the live stream, Lia pleasantly surprised her supporters with a FANS app update, featuring snapshots of the idol’s current state and her beloved pet dog, Bella.

During the livestream, Lia’s appearance as Mathilda Lando from the film “Leon”surprised fans. The other members also dressed up as popular characters, adding to the excitement of the stream.

Entering the room, she was clad in an olive green jacket, black shorts, black boots, and black socks. She completed her look with a short necklace, sunglasses, and was also carrying a plant. Fans were delighted to spot the idol sporting an adorable bob cut with bangs.

MIDZYs wasted no time in enthusiastically embracing Lia’s return to ITZY activities. They took to various social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), to express their joy and excitement over her comeback. Many were moved to tears upon seeing Lia reunited with the rest of ITZY, and the return of the OT5 line-up was cause for celebration among fans.

The idol’s high spirits were evident as she participated in the live stream with her fellow ITZY members. Fans were delighted to see her laughing and smiling brightly, commenting on how nice it was to see her enjoying herself.

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At this time, it is uncertain if Lia will join the girl group for their upcoming activities. The girls are currently on their “Born To Be”world tour, and Lia has not yet been involved in any performances.

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