What is the ‘How many likes to get’ TikTok trend?

A recent trend on TikTok involves individuals inquiring about the number of likes needed on a video for their significant other or parents to purchase something for them, such as the latest NCAA video game, a pet, or tickets to a concert.

Throughout the years, TikTok has been the breeding ground for a diverse range of internet trends. The latest trend on the app has brought users closer together than ever before.

The release of EA Sports College Football 25, the first NCAA-focused video game since 2013, sparked the beginning of everything. In the online videos, viewers can be seen challenging their significant others to buy the game by asking how many likes it would take.

On May 31, 2024, TikToker Smigs25 shared his video, which can be seen on his TikTok account under the username @smigs25. His partner challenged him to get 15k likes and a comment from the Detroit Lions before he could purchase the $70 game.

In the past six days, Smigs’ video has garnered 1.7M likes and 16,643 comments. Additionally, he received a comment from the Detroit Lions.

“They commented on the video, saying that the girlfriends must be really eager to purchase College Football for their significant others, as they kept requesting US to leave a comment.”

TikTok how many likes
TikTok: Smigs25

Since its release, thousands of videos featuring individuals requesting the new college football game have been shared on various platforms, with a significant portion of them going viral. The TikTok page of the Detroit Lions has also been sharing these videos, ultimately aiding gamers in achieving their objectives.

Despite having no previous videos, TikToker fwtmarsh’s sole video has gone viral with over two million views, nearly five thousand comments, and 343k likes.

TikTok Lions NCAA
TikTok: fwtmarsh

Shortly after NCAA fans began the trend, it wasn’t long before others joined in by sharing videos of them asking for different high-value items. TikToker Catmarg posted a video requesting a Bulldog puppy from their partner and set a goal of 250k likes.

Nevertheless, Kylie Kelce, wife of former Eagles center Jason Kelce, promptly joined the conversation and provided the only comment requested by their partner, who had initially requested input from both partners. This occurred after viewers began tagging her in their replies.

“I have a feeling I may be a bit early,”she remarked, to which Catmarg responded, “Kelce is truly doing the Lord’s work.”

Many individuals are also jumping on the trend of purchasing concert tickets, however, numerous Jelly Roll fans have been pleasantly surprised with the amount they have received.

TikToker goldengirly16 recently shared a video where she asked her sister how many likes they would need in order to win Jelly Roll tickets. Her sister responded that they would need 5,000 likes for regular tickets and 10k for meet and greet tickets. The video quickly went viral and received over 240k likes, but luckily they no longer have to worry about purchasing the tickets.

Jelly Roll personally stated, “I have a proposition. I will provide tickets and a meet and greet for you all. Simply contact either myself or my wife Bunnie.”Both Jelly and Bunnie are highly involved on TikTok, making it inevitable that they would come across videos discussing them.

TikTok Jelly Roll tickets
TikTok: Goldengirly16

The ‘eye color bracelet’ trend, which has couples creating matching bracelets for each other, is just one of the latest viral trends on TikTok. At the same time, the ‘remember when I lost my mind’ trend has individuals divulging embarrassing actions they took in order to impress others.

Despite its popularity, a nurse has cautioned against a particular trend involving castor oil, citing the potential for explosive results.

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