What is the meaning behind the TikTok meme, ‘Just put the fries in the bag bro’?

According to TikTok, “Just put the fries in the bag bro”is considered the worst insult one could receive in 2024, but what is the actual meaning behind this phrase?

If you’re up to date with current trends, you’ve likely witnessed individuals leaving similar comments on TikTok videos. But even if you’re not quite caught up, you’ve most likely heard someone utter the phrase, “Sir, this is a Wendy’s?”

This describes a situation where someone is rambling about something completely unrelated and bothersome. It’s similar to being at work and having a customer who won’t stop going off on a tangent while you’re taking their order behind the counter.

Currently, there is a trending meme referencing fast food that is making its rounds. This meme can come in handy when you want to cleverly insult someone.

mcdonalds employee handing over fries
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What It Means

Essentially, it’s a phrase used to imply superiority over someone else. For example, if you happen to visit a drive-thru and encounter someone you knew from high school still working there.

They are attempting to reminisce about the past or establish a friendship, but you are urging them to quickly put the fries in the bag because you are both hungry and in a rush.

Where did ‘Just put the fries in bag bro’ come from?

As stated by Know Your Meme, the phrase originated from a Facebook meme in November 2022, which was as follows:

“I haven’t seen you since our high school days.”

“Could you please put my ketchup in the bag, bro?”

Over time, the saying has evolved from “ketchup”to “fries”and is typically used as a hurtful insult towards someone perceived as a loser.

This TikTok video makes fun of NBA player Bronny James by using the phrase to mock him for telling a lengthy story about his life during an interview.


Bronny gives his life story after 1 question #bronny #bronnyjames #lebron #lebronjames #fyp #foryou #nba

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One other frequently shared TikTok mocks individuals who were once popular on the platform in 2020 but have since fallen out of the spotlight and are still attempting to stay relevant. This particular TikTok includes different versions of the insult, such as “I specifically requested no pickles, dude”and “Excuse me, server! May I have just one ration, please?”




One person on TikTok recounted the offensive remark, stating: “Just picture yourself being thrilled to share your future plans and what’s happening in your life with your friends.”

“As I start explaining the situation to them, they simply reply with a dismissive statement like ‘just put my fries in the bag, bro.’ I would not hesitate to use physical force in that situation.”

Therefore, now you are aware of how to effectively utilize this “absolute violation”as an insult. Have fun trolling!

There are more food-themed TikTok trends going viral, such as the candy salad. Have you given it a try?

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