What is the meaning of ‘unt unt’ on TikTok?

TikTok users are struggling to understand the meaning and usage of the popular phrase ‘unt unt’.

Ever since TikTok’s launch, there has been a constant emergence of new phrases and trends on the app, leaving many users confused about their meanings.

While FYP is a term unique to TikTok, there are also numerous other terms that have originated elsewhere and are commonly used by individuals on the platform.

The term “Unt unt”is a relatively new slang phrase that has recently become popular on the platform. You may have come across it in a video or seen it written in a comment or caption.

The Meaning of ‘Unt Unt’ on TikTok

The phrase ‘Unt unt’ is comparable to expressing “uh uh” when indicating “no,” yet it incorporates a touch of style to the reply. It is essentially a means of saying “no” with an extra hint of sass or attitude.


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TikToker @luhwadeslatt3.0 recently shared a video on their account in which they addressed girls and inquired about the meaning of the Gen-Z phrase. They suggested that it may be more commonly used among this demographic.

“As one user put it, it’s similar to saying no, but with a bit of attitude. Another user added, “For me, it signifies having an attitude.”A third user chimed in, “It’s basically a way of rejecting something.”

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘unt unt’ is considered to be more of an onomatopoeia rather than an actual word. The definition states that this sound is commonly made in response to a statement or question that the speaker disagrees with.

In a conversation or comment thread, “unt unt”can be used as a snappy and efficient way to express disagreement or dismiss an idea. For instance, when faced with a daring or absurd TikTok challenge, a user may reply with “unt unt”to show a lighthearted rejection of participation.

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