What is the trend of the Roman Empire on TikTok?

A popular trend on social media is bringing attention to a surprising revelation about the men in their lives: they frequently contemplate the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire, which existed 2,000 years ago, encompassed areas of Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia and was governed by emperors. Its cultural, legal, religious, and technological advancements continue to have significant influence in the present day.

Despite the Roman Empire tag on TikTok receiving over 3 billion views, many people are still curious about this historic time period. This has led to women asking the men in their lives how often they think about it.

Exploring the Roman Empire Trend on TikTok

In August, Gaius Flavius, a reenactor of ancient Rome from Sweden, posted a video on Instagram to his 100,000 followers. The on-screen caption of the video stated, “Ladies, many of you may not be aware of how frequently men think about the Roman Empire.”

This trend eventually transformed into individuals using the phrase “their Roman Empire”to describe various topics that they contemplate on a regular basis.

The trend eventually reached TikTok, as evidenced by a popular video from creator Sam Slupski that has garnered 5.6 million views. In the clip, Slupski describes seeing the meme and asking their husband about it.

Slupski mentioned that he had discussed the Roman Empire for 45 minutes, saying “every single day.”


This trend is incredible. Some of the best ones #romanempire #romanempirecompilation

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Kira Kosarin, popular on TikTok, asked her partner off-camera in a different video, and they responded, “Three times a day.” The video has garnered an impressive 7.5 million views.

Laine Bullinger, the creator of the content, captured her boyfriend’s response to the question in a video with 6.2 million views on TikTok. In the video, her boyfriend deadpanned that he only studies twice a week. When she asked why, he humorously replied, “Because they were the second most powerful empire.”

Is this truly the explanation behind why men frequently ponder the Roman Empire?

Why do people think about the Roman Empire so much?

As the trend of men’s fascination with the Roman Empire continues to go viral, women are still puzzled by their fixation on it.

Despite various men attempting to justify their obsession with the historic era in comment sections, one TikToker went above and beyond by creating a comprehensive video explaining the reasons behind men’s fixation with the Roman Empire.

A user with the username themasculineedge created a TikTok video with the title “Roman Empire trend explained from a man’s perspective.”

According to him, the desire to conquer is ingrained in men. This desire has always existed and will continue to do so. Men crave conquest and are naturally drawn to adventurous pursuits. They constantly seek out new challenges and if they cannot find them, they will imagine them.


Roman Empire trend expalined from a man’s perspective. #romanempire #trend

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He went on to say, “There’s a famous quote that goes, ‘The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation.’ If a man is constantly fixated on building his own empire and conquering others, it may be because he feels he is not achieving enough in his own life.”

Although some individuals in the comments did not believe in his theory, one comment argued that it encompassed more than just Roman conquest, also including elements such as civilization, glory, honor, culture, and longevity.

A separate individual proposed an alternative theory, stating, “It is fascinating to observe the immense impact it had and to examine the various inventions and their subsequent decline.”

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