What is the Viral ‘Army Dreamers Spinning Trend’ on TikTok?

Recently, a mesmerizing craze has swept through TikTok, set to the tune of Kate Bush’s Army Dreamers. But what exactly is this trend and how can you participate?

Ever since Running Up That Hill was featured in season 4 of Stranger Things, there has been a surge in popularity for Kate Bush. And now, she has once again captured the attention of fans, this time on TikTok.

The catchy chorus of her 1980 song Army Dreamers has captured the attention of viewers, resulting in a new trend where the song is used as a backdrop.

However, the question remains: what does the Army Dreamers spinning trend on TikTok entail? Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok’s ‘Army Dreamers Spinning Trend’ Explained

Although it may be a little confusing at first, there are actually two variations of the trend – one for artists to showcase their creations, and another focusing on shared experiences of trauma.

Despite their differences, both utilize a similar format – two individuals spinning on a ride (typically a playground carousel) while facing each other, with Amry Dreamer’s chorus overlaid on top.

Although they may appear similar, the meaning behind both trends differs greatly. Keep reading to discover the unique focus of each one.

‘Army Dreamers spinning trend’ for artists


Trying to do this trend with my OC🙏🏻 never animated before #octrend #armydreamers #mycharacter #artist #artistsoftiktok #digitalart #digitalartist #myoc #fyp #fypage #persona #animation

♬ Army dreamers kate bush – sing

TikTok artists use this particular trend to showcase their OCs (original characters) with their audience.

The current trend among artists is to portray themselves and their original characters on a carousel, utilizing animation to create the illusion of the two spinning together.


Wanted to come back from the dead again to hop onto this trend. And yeahh ik all AOT characters have trauma bc of the storyline but I gave her a cute lil backstory and conflicted feelings: > #trend #trending #aot #aotoc #backfromthedeath

♬ original sound – Your local hobo

OCs can come from any source, whether they are entirely imagined by the artist or created specifically for a certain fandom.

‘Army Dreamers spinning trend’ on shared trauma


We are THE survivors 😈 #🎀🎀 #couquette #xyzbca #fypシ゚

♬ Army Dreamers trend – Nicolly

The Army Dreamers spinning trend remains consistent in its use of the same setup, primarily to depict two individuals who have “survived”a shared experience, often involving another person.

This updated trend showcases two individuals spinning on a playground carousel, accompanied by text overlay providing insight into their previous experiences.

The phrase “Just two girls who survived the same girl”can often be found in these videos, although the situation in which they survive may differ. In some cases, it may be the “same boy”or even their “same friend group.”

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