Where to find and capture Penking in Palworld

Penking is a very useful and hardworking Water/Ice-type Pal in the island of Palpagos, and for this very reason, there are only two ways for players to obtain one in the game. If you are looking to add Penking to your team, here is its exact location in Pocketpair’s Palworld.

Palworld has been breaking records since its launch on January 19 and recently became the second most played game on Steam in less than a week after its release.

The game’s success is largely due to the number of similarities it shares with Pokémon in the creature design department, but mostly because it dared to do what Game Freak – after more than 25 years – didn’t. still hasn’t done it.

For those who enjoy this adventure, there is a Paldeck (similar to a Pokédex) with 111 entries to fill out. Some Pals are common encounters, while others are rarer and a few only appear as Alpha Pals.

Penking is a rare spawn, so to help you in your quest, here’s exactly how you can get him in the game.

How to find Penking in Palworld

This Pal – who bears a striking resemblance to King Penguin from the Super Mario Bros. movie. – appears in two different locations on the map and both represent a challenge for any player.

As a wild apparition, you can find Penking in the Southern Wildlife Sanctuary. However, keep in mind that entering one of the three available Wildlife Sanctuaries will put you on a Wanted target, as this is considered Criminal Activity in the game.

A Palworld Island

The other option you have to obtain a Penking is through an Alpha encounter. Northeast of the Abandoned Mine, through the redwoods, you will find a level 15 Penking Alpha waiting for you inside a dungeon.

Penking location in Palworld

How to Capture Penking: Combat Tips

Going after any of the Penkings will be difficult. With Alpha encounters tougher than regular wilds, this relatively low level 15 Pal will hit you hard even if you’re prepared. Additionally, a ton of Pengullets act as his minions and will try to freeze you from all sides.

On the other hand, going to a Wildlife Sanctuary is a challenge in itself, as you will quickly be chased by officers trying to kill you. Additionally, the Penkings that live there are at least level 22, so you’ll need to spend some time hitting it before capturing it.

To increase Penking’s catch rate, you will need to decrease his health before throwing your Pal Sphere. Being a Water/Ice type Pal, you can easily deal damage with a pure Electric or Fire type Pal, as there are no Pals with both types in the game yet.

Remember to be careful not to kill him, because then you won’t be able to capture him. Also, bring plenty of Giga or Ultra Spheres, as well as premium weapons to help your Pal decrease his HP faster.

Penking is a tough fighter to add to your team, as he has a Partner Skill called Brave Sailor, which – when activated – causes Fire-type Pals to drop more items when defeated. Otherwise, if you want to keep him in your base, he will help you with many tasks ranging from Watering to Mining, Handicraft, Cooling and even Transport.

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