Where to find and how to capture Orserk in Palworld

With more and more players reaching the end of Palworld, you need the strongest Pals in the game and Orserk is one of them. So here’s where to find it and how to capture it.

There are different ways to capture the best Pals in Palworld. You can either merge Pals to create a new species, or explore distant lands for the rarest creatures of all.

Orserk belongs to the latter category. This Electric and Dragon-type Pal is truly special. It only appears in one area and it is a difficult task to capture it.

To help you overcome these challenges and get yours, we have prepared this guide on how to get Orserk in Palworld.

Where to find Orserk in Palworld

Orserk only appears in the Third Wild Area, an artificial offshore island located in the far northeast of the Palworld map.

Also, setting foot on the shrine is considered a “criminal activity” . You therefore risk being searched once there. To avoid this, it is important to remain undetected at all times when searching for Orserk.

Area where to find Orserk in Palworld

Area where to find Orserk in Palworld

How to capture Orserk in Palworld

As you would expect from a Third Wild Zone exclusive Pal, Orserk is difficult to capture. The Dragon/Electricity-type Pal is strong and has a low capture rate. Additionally, it seems to appear less frequently than some other creatures in the area.

If you explore the protected area and don’t find an Orserk, it’s best to leave and come back. This will refresh the island spawns. As for capturing Orserk in Palworld, an Ice or Ground type Pal is perfect for weakening him. Also, it is strongly recommended to use higher level Spheres to facilitate capture.

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