Who are ASMRZ and why are they everywhere? Here’s what to know about the unstoppable duo.

The pair has completely dominated the K-pop community with their popular trend!

ASMRZ is a musical group consisting of Japanese artist Tanaka and South Korean singer Needmorecash. On March 7, the duo released the official music video for their song “goodnight ojosama (prod. Gwana),”which quickly gained popularity among fans and even caught the attention of K-pop idols.

As of July, the MV has amassed approximately 12.6 million views on YouTube. Tanaka and Needmorecash are known for their comedic content that often satirizes the music industry, making them a popular parody act on the internet.

Their song “goodnight ojosama”quickly became one of the top hits in 2024 within their home country, thanks to its entertaining and endearing music, captivating “Y/N-like”introduction dialogue, and overall vibe.

The choreography of the song is made even more enjoyable by the addition of a fashionable element, as the challenges are performed with the signature white gloves, formal attire, and sophisticated manner of a charming butler.

As social media has a significant influence in the K-pop world, numerous idols and celebrities have participated in ASMRZ’s dance challenge for “goodnight ojosama.”

The vastness of the internet has allowed fans to constantly indulge in the unpredictable and entertaining content shared by their favorite artists on social media platforms. Here are the K-pop stars who have already participated in this popular challenge.

Kim Jae Joong

  • “It’s not a butler, it’s a prince who bought a new house.”
  • “Wow, it’s crazy, I’m smiling because I’m watching a collaboration between Jaejoong and Tanaka-sama. Thank you both for making me happy.”

Boy Band: THE BOYZ

  • “I thought they would at least dance together, but they are all doing something else. It’s so funny.”
  • “I don’t even know what they’re, but I wonder if they barged into the waiting room lol.”


MAMAMOO Members: Solar and Moonbyul

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K-Pop Group: ATEEZ

7. Loose assembly (unchanged)

NCT Wish


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10. QWER

Secret Number

Super Junior Members

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13. Tanning

14. Members of TWICE: Momo, Sana, and Chaeyoung

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15. VANNER – A Breed of Horse

16. WayV

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Band Members:

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18. K-pop group VERIVERY

Additionally, feel free to browse their amusing content on both YouTube and Instagram while you wait!

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