Will NewJeans Survive Without CEO Min Hee Jin? Exploring the Brand’s Identity Crisis

On April 22nd, HYBE launched an audit against ADOR’s executives, accusing them of attempting to take control, which brought the ongoing conflict between CEO Min Hee-jin and HYBE to public attention. However, CEO Min has denied these allegations and also called out HYBE for their actions towards NewJeans, claiming mistreatment.

CEO Min: “HYBE’s sudden audit and mistreatment of NewJeans are unjust.”

As the conflict escalates, HYBE demands the removal of CEO Min due to breach of duty, while CEO Min defends herself by citing unfair shareholder agreements and mistreatment of NewJeans.

NewJeans(Photo : Daum cafe)

CEO Min has initiated legal action in response to her dismissal, seeking a court injunction to prevent it. The decision on this matter will be made at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on May 31st.

Industry insider: “HYBE neglecting NewJeans would be self-destructive.”

Despite receiving reassurances of support, fans are concerned about NewJeans’ future under HYBE due to the ongoing conflict. While industry experts doubt that HYBE will neglect the group, given their significant revenue contribution and strong fanbase, there are concerns about potential changes in management and creative direction that could potentially affect the group’s distinctiveness.

Industry expert: “NewJeans may lose their distinct charm without CEO Min.”

If CEO Min were to leave, HYBE would be tasked with preserving NewJeans’ identity. A failure to do so could result in a crisis that goes beyond the current conflict, as it would be difficult to maintain the group’s unique style and level of success.

NewJeans(Photo : INSTAGRAM)

Industry analyst: “HYBE must deliver on promises of support to avoid a significant crisis.”

The ongoing dispute between Min Hee-jin and HYBE not only showcases power struggles, but also prompts important discussions about the future trajectory of NewJeans in the K-pop industry.

Despite recent news of allegations from HYBE, Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, has publicly denied any plans to take over management rights. In a press conference addressing the feud, she revealed that several NewJeans members and their parents have expressed their support for her, with some even reaching out in tears.

Her commitment to NewJeans is highlighted as she denies any allegations of trying to take over ADOR, citing concerns about contracts and unjust terms with HYBE.

Min Hee Jin presents herself as being constrained by restrictive contracts, comparing her predicament to that of a “slave”to HYBE. The dispute between Min Hee Jin and HYBE has resulted in both internal discord and public scrutiny.

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