Will Red Velvet’s Joy join hands with Kim Hye-yoon for The Year We Turned 29 lead role casting?

According to an article by Xportsnews on June 7th, Joy is currently contemplating the possibility of appearing in the drama adaptation of the Naver webtoon “The Year We Turned 29”.

“The webtoon “The Year We Turned 29″is a tale of youth and romance, following the journey of three individuals, all named “Woo-ri”, as they navigate the challenges of love, work, and exams while on the brink of turning thirty. Despite their struggles, they find strength and growth in their bond with one another.”

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The plot centers around Bong Woo-ri, who procrastinates in preparing for art school exams and takes on a temporary position as a designer at a small magazine upon graduating. It also follows Cha Woo-ri, a sharp and distant flight attendant, as well as Kim Woo-ri, a hardworking individual studying for the civil service exam. The role of Cha Woo-ri is currently being considered for Joy.

Joy, a member of the popular girl group Red Velvet and also an accomplished actress, is currently commemorating her 10th year in the entertainment industry. Throughout her career, she has successfully taken on various roles in dramas such as “The Liar and His Lover” (2017), “Tempted” , “The One and Only” , and “Once Upon a Small Town” , displaying her versatility as both a singer and an actress. Fans are eagerly anticipating her upcoming project, “The Year We Turned 29” , where she is expected to captivate audiences with her new and unique charms.

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The webtoon, which has gained a large following since its serialization in March 2019, was originally scheduled to be adapted into a drama in late 2020. However, due to delays, production was put on hold. Excitement for the drama remains high, as seen through the creation of fan-made casting online, and preparations for production are now underway once again.

In April 2022, there were reports that actress Kim Hye-yoon was being considered for the lead role in “The Year We Turned 29” . According to Xportsnews, Kim Hye-yoon, who rose to fame through her role in tvN’s “Lovely Runner” , is still in talks for her potential involvement in “The Year We Turned 29” . Fans are eagerly anticipating a possible collaboration between Joy and Kim Hye-yoon in this project.

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