WM Entertainment Faces Backlash for Not Addressing ONF’s Overseas Tour Plans

Despite the growing tensions, supporters of the popular K-pop group ONF are calling for WM Entertainment to address the controversy surrounding their ‘Overseas Tour’.

Despite attempts to keep it hidden, fans discovered that WM Entertainment and touring agency J&B Entertainment were involved in compromising members’ information, sharing album spoilers, and participating in fan-related scams. This caused a significant amount of frustration within the fan community.

Screenshots from a chat room were shared by an anonymous user on July 4, revealing the questionable practices of J&B Entertainment. As a result, additional fans came forward with evidence, sparking a call for further investigation into the situation.

Despite J&B Entertainment’s CEO issuing an apologetic statement addressing the controversy, fans were disappointed with WM Entertainment’s brief response in Korean, as they called for the agency to be more transparent and accountable.

The Fan Fuse Union, under the ONF’s guidance, intervened by issuing a detailed statement expressing their concerns and urging WM Entertainment to take concrete measures.

“Hello, this is WM Entertainment. We want to inform you about ONF and the overseas tour agency J&B Entertainment. First, we apologize to the fans and artists for causing concern.

We have repeatedly voiced our opposition and demanded improvements in their arbitrary operating decisions and unfriendly responses to fans, which have not been shared or discussed with us.

Although J&B has apologized to the artists and fans, we have decided to terminate the contract with them and cancel the tour in Taiwan and Hong Kong. We sincerely apologize to the fans who have been waiting for the tour.

Regarding the North American tours in August, considering the fans who have prepared in advance to attend, we will notify you soon after taking a closer look at the situation. We feel heavily responsible and promise to make sure the same thing won’t happen again in the future.

Also, we would like to apologize once again for causing disappointment to fans who have showed continuous their love and support for the artists.”

The group campaigned for the removal of certain chat members from fan club events and encouraged supporters to participate in the movement by using the hashtag #WM_JnB_DontHide in various languages.

Despite facing increasing pressure and criticism from the public, WM Entertainment has still not offered a comprehensive explanation or directly addressed the concerns of fans, leaving them eagerly awaiting a more substantial response to the ongoing controversy.

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