Won Bin’s Absence at 20th Anniversary Event of Taegukgi

According to reliable sources within the film industry, a press conference is scheduled for May 25th in anticipation of the re-release of “Taegukgi”on May 30th.

This event, which commemorates the 20th anniversary of the film, will include director Kang Je-gyu and lead actor Jang Dong-gun. However, the other lead actor, Won Bin, will not be present.

“Released in 2004, “Taegukgi”depicts the experiences of two brothers who are unwillingly conscripted into the South Korean army during the start of the Korean War. It achieved the milestone of being the second South Korean film to reach over ten million viewers.”

won bin

Despite the fact that “Taegukgi”remains the only film in which Won Bin achieved such tremendous box office success, the movie will be re-released on Memorial Day, June 6th in remastered 4K resolution. However, it seems that Won Bin will once again not be making a public appearance during this re-release.

After making his debut in 1997 with the drama “Propose”, Won Bin quickly gained recognition as one of South Korea’s most handsome actors. He further solidified his star status with successful films such as “Mother”and “The Man from Nowhere”. Despite his success, he has not taken on any acting projects since his last film in 2010, “The Man from Nowhere”.

Presently, aside from promotional campaigns, Won Bin has kept a low profile. In a fashion magazine interview, his wife, actress Lee Na-young, stated, “My husband is actively keeping up with different projects and admires great films with envy. I believe we simply need to be patient a little longer.”

The source is available at daum.

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