Wuthering Waves: All Special Enemies & Where to Find Them

In Huanglong, you will discover a plethora of Tacit Discords that can be absorbed and utilized as Echos. For those interested in locating Special Enemies, Wuthering Waves provides comprehensive information on how to do so.

There are numerous enemies in Wuthering Waves that serve as challenging opponents for your Resonators. After defeating them, you will receive rewards as a token of your victory. Elite Enemies, a unique type of Tacit Discord, can also be encountered in the wild, so it is important to be prepared for their appearance.

For those seeking the locations of all Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves, here is where you can find them.

Special Enemies and Locations in Wuthering Waves

You can locate all of the Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves at this location.

Special Enemy Location Level Trophy
Carapace: Engine Zero North of Qichi Village’s east Resonance Beacon. Level 25 Love, Death & Abandoned Cars
Viridblaze Saurian South of Loong’s Gaze Suburbs landmark, the south-western side of Jinzhou. Level 30 Ultimate
Autopuppet Scout Go to Tiderise Cliff and head southeast. Level 40 Protocol 3, A-attack
Wasteland Bellower Travel to Corroded Ruins Resonance Nexus, and head northeast. You’ll find Wasteland Bellower in an open field. Level 40 Dance with the Wolves
Chasm Rider Near Qichi Village’s Resonance Nexus. Level 45 We are the Challengers, my friend
Sabyrkin Go to the Distribution Center and head west. Climb the side of the hill until you find a huge skeleton. Level 50 Wild Boar Forest Rampage
Illuminator Theater Go to the Resonance Beacon northwest of Misty Coast and head north. Level 60 Safety First!
Rosehip Mutant Travel to the Resonance Nexus southeast of the Donglu Research Station. Head west until you reach the end of a waterfall. Level 60 Plant vs Zombies Roseshroom?
Scorpion’s Nest Go to the Tiger’s Maw Mine’s Resonance Nexus and head west until you find a cave near a watch tower. Level 70 Empty the Nest
Fractsidus Followers Go to Sea of Flames’ Resonance Beacon and go down the highway. Level 80 Debut Project of the Big Three
Obelisk Guardian Travel to Camp Overwatch’s Resonance Beacon to the west, and then travel east. The Obelisk Guardian will be sitting beside a rock on the cliff. Level 85 Just a Rock
Prism Heart Go to the Resonance Nexus southeast of the Forbidden Forest. Go southeast, the Special Boss will be in the open field. Level 90 Prism Party
Young Murmurin South of Thorny Passage. Cross the river to the east and head northwest. Level 100 Not my Match!
Twin Heron Travel to the Resonance Beacon northeast of the Mourning Axis World Boss. Head west and swim around the lake until you find it. Level 110 Though I Can’t Fly
Wild Gorilla /Wild Scarlet Travel to the Resonance Beacon north of Violet Banyan, and head southeast. Level 120 Gorrila Gazer
Spearback King West of Depths of Illusive Realm, near Plateau Ruins. The Spearback will be sleeping at the base of a giant tree. Level 120 Here Comes the Bear

Elite Enemies in Wuthering Waves Explained

In Wuthering Waves, the most powerful Tacit Discords that can be encountered on Solaris-3 are known as Elite or Special Enemies. These enemies are easily recognizable by their glowing red mist and always have a set Level.

Upon their defeat, Special Enemies will provide you with a 4 or 5-star Echo to equip, as well as a unique trophy.

Obelisk Guardian in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

Elite Enemies will turn hostile and start a fight if you attack them.

To learn more about Kuro Games’ gacha experience, be sure to refer to the WuWa event calendar for information on all upcoming events and to discover the locations of all Viewpoint spots.

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