XDefiant Killstreaks FAQ

Many players of XDefiant, a first-person shooter, have noticed similarities between it and Call of Duty. One question that arises is whether Killstreaks are included in the game. Let’s explore whether Killstreaks are featured in XDefiant.

Upon its arrival on May 21, XDefiant has quickly captured the attention of players who are eagerly diving into its diverse characters, Factions, and weapon upgrades.

Ubisoft’s first-person shooter includes a weapon loadout system with numerous customization possibilities. This caused gamers to question whether XDefiant incorporates any Killstreaks, similar to other popular shooters such as Call of Duty. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Does XDefiant have Killstreaks?

Despite being similar to other FPS games, XDefiant does not offer Killstreaks. Ubisoft’s game does have Faction abilities, which serve as the closest equivalent to Killstreaks.

To defeat enemy players, one must rely on their weapon, Devices, or Faction abilities. This includes both lethal and non-lethal options, as Killstreaks are not available for use, including popular options like CoD’s UAV or Counter UAV.

Dedsec's Sebastian using Spiderbot ability

The Faction abilities are similar to streaks in XDefiant.

Will XDefiant add killstreaks?

XDefiant’s Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, stated that the team had “no plans to incorporate killstreaks“and that there are currently “no developments in progress.”

Upon receiving this statement following the XDefiant beta in April 2023, he suggested the possibility of implementing a “limited-time mode with features such as kill/score streaks.”

In June 2023, he responded to another question about Killstreaks on X by stating that they were not interested in adding typical CoD killstreaks. Instead, they were exploring unique ways to reward and honor streaks.

In the current version of XDefiant, there is a streak counter and pop-up medals that indicate when a player has achieved multiple kills without being defeated. If any updates are made regarding the addition of Killstreaks in XDefiant, we will make sure to include them in this article.

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the top controller settings and select the optimal Faction and weapon loadout, whether it be Assault Rifles or SMGs, to gain an edge over your adversaries in XDefiant.

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