You Really Are from JYP: Chaeryeong Sighs at 10-Year Friend Young K

On the 11th, the YouTube channel ‘Merry-Go-Round’ released the web variety show ‘Chaeryeong’s Full Belly Friends’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Chaeryeong’s Full Belly’). In this episode, Chaeryeong and her longtime colleague, DAY6 member Young K, displayed their unique chemistry, garnering attention.

Chaeryeong spent the day catching up with her friend of 10 years, Young K, whom she had trained with at JYP Entertainment. As Young K made his way up the stairs to meet her, he warmly greeted her and suggested they hang out, a testament to their strong bond.


Chaeryeong brought up a memory, asking, “Do you recall when we were trainees and you wore yellow high-tops while dancing?”After taking a moment to reflect, Young K responded, “Yes, I do remember them being yellow.”

Chaeryeong initially commented, “You were always wearing a snapback, so I assumed you were a fantastic dancer,”before realizing her mistake.


Additionally, Chaeryeong shared, “I have a great memory. I can recall many things, like when you entered without washing your hair,”causing Young K to react with surprise, “Didn’t we both do the same thing? It doesn’t bother me, but does it bother you?”This resulted in laughter.

Chaeryeong inquired about Young K’s closest friend. In response, he replied, “Honestly, it’s my fellow band members. I’m not just saying that to make a good impression.”Chaeryeong jokingly remarked, “You truly are a JYP artist, your answer is quite expected,”resulting in more laughter.

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