Young Sheldon actor discusses potential future after popular TV series

As Season 7 of Young Sheldon draws to a close, one of its stars believes it will mark their final performance before retirement.

Following the tragedy of George’s passing, the finale of the Big Bang Theory prequel is set to air this week with Episode 13. It is anticipated that the episode will feature Sheldon’s father’s funeral and lay the groundwork for his future at Caltech in some way.

Although not all characters are reaching their end, the premiere of Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage on CBS later this year, one of the show’s stars, Annie Potts who portrays Meemaw, believes the finale may be her final appearance.

Ever since the first episode of Young Sheldon in 2017, Potts has been a part of the show. While it has not been officially announced if she will make an appearance in the spinoff, Potts mentioned on The Talk that playing Meemaw could potentially be her last acting role.

Annie Potts as Meemaw in Young Sheldon

“While I truly adore the cast and the amazing character I get to portray, I can’t help but think that this could be my final time on the stage. The thought of this has caused some panic, as these opportunities are rare and I have only had a few in my career. They have all been challenging experiences, but ones that I cherish nonetheless,”she expressed.

When asked if she would be returning for the next series, Potts responded, “It’s uncertain at the moment. You never know.”

The actress has been very straightforward since learning that Young Sheldon would come to an end after Season 7. In an interview with Variety, she expressed feeling “caught off guard”upon hearing the news.

According to her, the decision to cancel the show seemed like a foolish move, especially since she was completely taken by surprise and unprepared. She pointed out that the show had been the top-rated program on both network TV and Netflix and was also popular on TikTok. She argued that the cancellation was a poor business decision.

“Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but I am not familiar with the situation. Usually, when a show begins to lose momentum or lacks compelling storylines, you can anticipate it. However, this particular situation took us completely by surprise. Personally, I was caught off guard.”

Iain Armitage, who portrays Sheldon in the show, shared Annie’s sentiments. He acknowledged, “I completely understand what Annie is saying. It’s difficult in a strange manner that becomes apparent only when I try to take a broader perspective, which is not easy. Not being able to work with Annie Potts every day is a huge loss for me. I personally feel that we could have achieved much more together.”

In preparation for the finale, it is possible to learn about the cast of Young Sheldon and the filming locations for the show. For those unfamiliar with the series, there is an article available that explains how to watch Young Sheldon and the schedule for the release of season 7.

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