Zac Efron’s Romantic Comedy Tops Netflix Charts Despite Mixed Fan Reactions

Despite receiving mixed reviews, Netflix’s latest romantic comedy featuring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman has quickly risen to the top of the streaming charts since its release this week on the platform.

The year 2024 is proving to be the era of rom-coms featuring cougars. Only a month after the release of The Idea of You on Prime Video, Netflix has brought us A Family Affair.

The new movie, featuring an older woman finding love with a young, charismatic celebrity, has quickly climbed to the top spot on the Netflix charts thanks to its popularity among streaming service users.

Currently, A Family Affair holds the number one spot, with Jessica Alba’s Trigger Warning and DC’s The Flash following closely behind. The film features an all-star cast including Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and Joey King, and tells the story of a young woman (King) whose mother (Kidman) begins dating her famous movie star boss (Efron). However, despite its high position on the charts, the film’s critical reception from fans has not been accurately reflected.

In reality, opinions on the Netflix movie are divided. While some have praised it as a delightful new love story and a satisfactory feel-good film, others have not been as impressed.

According to a review from a user of X, the Netflix show “A Family Affair”is a genuine romantic comedy, filled with hope, humor, and a heartwarming love story between a woman who is 20 years older than the handsome male lead. The acting and directing are both outstanding.”

“Another person shared that they had also viewed A Family Affair on Netflix and, although it wasn’t what they had anticipated, they thoroughly enjoyed it and even expressed a desire for a sequel.”

“According to a third person, A Family Affair was like perfect summer candy, with the hidden elements of a Nancy Meyers film disguised within a Netflix movie.”

Despite the positive reception from some, there are still critics who are not in agreement with the concept. They believe that The Idea of You offers a superior version of this story.

According to one comment on Twitter, watching A Family Affair on Netflix is a frustrating experience. The characters are unlikable and there is no chance for the viewer to develop a positive opinion of them.

“Another viewer shared their thoughts on A Family Affair, which they recently watched on Netflix. They described it as total rubbish, with no real plot except for an older woman attracting a younger man. They also mentioned feeling tired from looking at all the plastic faces, to be honest.”

According to one user, while watching A Family Affair on Netflix, “The Idea of You”will always be a disappointment.

Currently, A Family Affair can be streamed on Netflix, along with a breakdown of The Idea of You soundtrack and a guide to the filming locations for Mother of the Bride, providing more opportunities for rom-com entertainment.

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