Zenless Zone Zero players defend game over claims it’s too easy

The Zenless Zone Zero community is standing by the game’s level of difficulty, in response to debates regarding the perceived ease of the new gacha feature.

Despite still including the usual banner mechanics, flashy character animations, and polish associated with HoYoverse games, Zenless Zone Zero’s release on PS5, PC, and mobile has received a mixed reception among gacha game fans. Some players believe that the game is too easy.

Despite popular Twitch streamers like Asmongold criticizing the simplistic combat in the title, claiming it is “inferior”to Honkai Star Rail & Wuthering Waves, fans of Zenless Zone Zero argue that the debate over its difficulty is unnecessary.

According to one player on the official ZZZ Reddit page, having played multiple gacha games, it can be confirmed that the initial stages of these games are typically quite effortless.

“This is particularly true because many gachas offer free items and characters at the beginning, allowing players to easily progress with over-leveled characters. The difficulty only becomes challenging once endgame content is unlocked.”

Undoubtedly, the developers have shown great generosity towards the community, especially by providing 100 complimentary pulls and 80 Boopons. This not only allows players to obtain top-tier characters, but also grants them Bangboos to utilize in battles.

It should be noted that developers have emphasized ZZZ’s focus on providing a casual experience. In a recent interview with Dot Esports, producer Zhenyu Li stated that the main objective of Zenless Zone Zero is to cater to both casual and hardcore action game enthusiasts.

Anby about to attack in ZZZ

ZZZ’s difficulty is one of the biggest complaints surrounding the game.

Despite not having reached the end game, ZZZ’s community firmly believes that the game will never be as challenging as other ARPGs.

“According to another player, hoping for Souls-level difficulty in a gacha game, which is mainly designed for mobile devices, is like intentionally running into a brick wall and then complaining about the presence of the wall.”

It is their own fault and they should not blame anyone else. The difficulty in this game is a common aspect in all gachas. Many fans have praised Punishing: Gray Raven for its challenging gameplay, and although it may have its difficulties, the game has proven itself to be a reliable and successful gacha in its genre. However, it did not start off that way.

So far, Zenless Zone Zero offers players the option to choose between Casual and Challenge modes before embarking on missions. It is uncertain if the developers will introduce another level of difficulty in response to feedback, but as new events and updates are on the horizon, ZZZ’s level of challenge may potentially rise in the future.

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