10 Best Anime Recommendations for Fans of Air Gear

The anime Air Gear is full of action and follows the story of Minami Itsuki, a student who becomes immersed in a thrilling new extreme sport known as “Air Trecks”- motorized, high-speed roller skates. As he assembles his own team and takes part in intense battles and races, the show delivers jaw-dropping stunts and non-stop excitement.

If you are a fan of the thrilling excitement of Air Gear, there are 10 other anime series that you should definitely consider watching. These shows feature intense sports competitions and supernatural abilities, providing a similar sense of speed, rivalry, and aerial acrobatics.

Anime Recommendations for Fans of Air Gear

1) Anime Series: Initial D

Initial D (Image via Gallop, Studio Comet)
Initial D (Image via Gallop, Studio Comet)

The focus of Initial D is the underground world of street racing, where young car enthusiasts compete illegally. Takumi Fujiwara, the main character, is a high school student who gains recognition for his exceptional drifting skills, thanks to his many years of driving experience.

Similar to Air Gear, Initial D showcases a subterranean extreme activity involving young individuals. The use of a Eurobeat soundtrack and racing through mountain passes further amplifies the thrill of the sport.

2) Redline

Redline (Image via Madhouse)
Redline (Image via Madhouse)

The plot of this film centers around “Redline,”a notorious and perilous cross-galaxy grand prix that occurs every five years. In an attempt to claim first place, skilled racer JP enters the competition, facing off against peculiar alien opponents and reaching speeds of up to 400km/h.

The hand-drawn animation in Redline is truly mesmerizing. Additionally, its incredibly fast-paced racing scenes put Air Gear’s stunts to shame, solidifying its reputation as one of the quickest anime productions ever.

Megalo Box

Megalo Box (Image via TMS Entertainment, 3xCube)
Megalo Box (Image via TMS Entertainment, 3xCube)

In the cyberpunk world of Megalo Box, “Gearless”Joe is a gritty underground fighter from the slums with a dream to compete in the prestigious Megalonia tournament. However, in order to enter, he must fight as “Gearless Joe”without the aid of the mechanical exoskeletons that give other fighters enhanced strength and speed.

Joe is similar to Air Gear’s main characters, such as Itsuki, who come from humble beginnings and challenge the elite in their extreme sport. It tells the story of an underdog who triumphs against all odds with their natural abilities. The fights in Megalo Box are equally intense, as the competitors push their bodies beyond human capabilities with the help of mechanical enhancements.

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings (Image via Production I.G)
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings (Image via Production I.G)

During Japan’s sengoku period, the story portrays historical military leaders as passionate heroes with extraordinary combat abilities and advanced weaponry.

Date Masamune is capable of effortlessly slicing through entire armies, executing superhuman jumps through the air, and expertly wielding multiple swords simultaneously.

The intense fight sequences in this show are reminiscent of those in Air Gear, featuring a blend of high-octane action and elements of magic or steampunk sci-fi that enhance the weapons and abilities. The dynamic cast of samurai characters also adds to the plot with their ambitious rivalries, similar to the teams in Air Gear.

5) Noise!

What a racket! (Image via Brain's Base)
What a racket! (Image via Brain’s Base)

Baccano! presents 1930s America as a setting dominated by gangsters and tells a complex story of immortal beings, gang rivalries, and a chaotic train hijacking. The gritty violence and impressive stunts provide intense and fast-paced action, often portrayed through the eyes of fugitive criminals running across rooftops or jumping between train carriages.

Although set in a different time and place from Air Gear, Baccano! also features scattered nonlinear storytelling, which requires viewers to put events together themselves, heightening the adrenaline.

6) Future Diary

Future Diary (Image via Asread)
Future Diary (Image via Asread)

Initially appearing as a survival game and psychological thriller, Future Diary surprises with intense freerunning chase sequences once the action begins. When protagonist Yukiteru acquires a “Future Diary”that can foresee the future, he must use it to evade fellow diary users who are determined to eliminate him and gain ultimate power.

In order to escape from deadly enemies, Yukiteru must act quickly and navigate through the city, resulting in parkour-style scenes. This reflects the fast-paced and aerial stunts that Air Gear is known for, but with a more dangerous purpose.

7) Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann (Image via Gainax)
Gurren Lagann (Image via Gainax)

The beloved mecha anime, Gurren Lagann, features a captivating storyline of giant robots and intergalactic warfare, but it also showcases thrilling mid-air combat.

As the protagonist, Simon charges through aerial battles, wielding drills and screwdrivers as makeshift weapons. Meanwhile, ace pilot Viral utilizes his samurai-style skills to engage in the same intense fight choreography as an Air Gear “Parts War”contest.

8) Anime Series: God Eater

God Eater (Image via Ufotable)
God Eater (Image via Ufotable)

In a world where the monstrous Aragami constantly jeopardize humanity’s existence, Fenrir, an establishment, utilizes “God Eaters,”skilled fighters who wield advanced biomechanical weapons known as “God Arcs,”to defend against them.

Lenka Utsugi, the protagonist, becomes a member of their ranks and participates in ground and aerial battles against Aragami creatures that are larger than life.

Lenka and other members of the God Eaters use acrobatic techniques and aerial mobility to defeat foes larger than their own size.

9) Mouth

Baki (Image via Group TAC)
Baki (Image via Group TAC)

While many sports anime emphasize the importance of teamwork and dedication, Baki stands out for its intense, no-holds-barred fights filled with extreme violence. The series takes place in the underground martial arts scene of Tokyo, where Baki Hanma relentlessly trains to take on deadly opponents in life-or-death battles.

Despite being firmly rooted on the ground, Baki matches Air Gear’s intensity by featuring its own style of brutal and extreme battles, where fighters unleash devastating abilities. The sheer ferocity and superhuman level of the fights evoke the same adrenaline rush as Air Gear’s signature aerial stunts.


Btooom! (Image via Madhouse)
Btooom! (Image via Madhouse)

To experience intense survival challenges and thrilling aerial maneuvers, consider watching Btooom!. Ryouta Sakamoto, a jobless individual, is unexpectedly stranded on a deserted island where he must engage in battles against fellow survivors using explosive “BIM”bombs.

The participants in this lethal tournament use various types of BIM bombs, similar to the parts war contests in Air Gear. In Btooom!, they are forced to outwit and overpower each other as they compete with their explosive weapons.

Ryouta heavily relies on mid-air acrobatics to throw his bombs, mirroring the athletic stunts that characterize the intense stunt work in Air Gear. The fight for survival is deadly and constantly moving through the air.


Although Air Gear is known for its thrilling “Air Treck”stunts, there are many other action and sports anime that offer a similar rush of adrenaline, speed, and aerial movement. From the high-octane sci-fi racing in Redline to the parkour-inspired pursuits in Future Diary, these fast-paced shows are sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys Air Gear.

These exhilarating performances are certain to satisfy your craving for adventure.

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