Staff at Jennie’s Indoor Vaping Scene Speak Out: Not a Non-Smoking Area, She Kept Apologizing

Upon being identified as a staff member present during Jennie’s indoor smoking incident, A clarified, “The location shown in the video was the waiting room of the Jacquemus fashion show, which is not designated as a non-smoking area. Jennie had asked for permission to smoke and she did so with the window next to her open.”

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A source revealed, “During the search for a lip product, Jennie was seen smoking a bubble stick from a convenience store. The timing worked out perfectly for her to blow out the smoke. Even after the fashion show, Jennie continued to apologize and the staff member, who is also a smoker, reassured her that it was not a problem.”The source further added, “While it was not ideal for the smoke to pass over the staff’s head, her past behavior should not be the sole basis for questioning her character. As a friend of Jennie’s,

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Despite A’s claims, netizens discovered an error in A’s statement regarding the classification of e-cigarettes. While they were not previously considered cigarettes, they were added to the definition in January 2014 after the revision of the Tobacco Business Act. Additionally, Italy has been enforcing a ban on indoor smoking in all public places since 2005. In an effort to further regulate tobacco, Italy’s Health Minister has proposed a bill to extend non-smoking areas to outdoor spaces such as open pubs, bus stops, parks, and other areas. This has led to suspicions about the accuracy of A’s post and A has yet to provide an explanation.

In the meantime, a controversy surrounding Jennie’s indoor smoking surfaced when the female singer was filmed blowing e-cigarette smoke in the face of her staff while getting her makeup done in a Vlog video on her official YouTube channel on July 2nd. On the 9th, Jennie’s agency OD issued a formal apology.

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