Red Velvet’s Irene & BLACKPINK’s Jennie Apologies over Attitude Controversy Compared by Netizens

In the past few days, there has been controversy surrounding BLACKPINK’s Jennie as she was accused of smoking inside and blowing vape smoke towards nearby staff members.

Despite releasing an official apology through her agency, ODD ATELIER, many netizens felt that it was insufficient and that Jennie’s public image had been tarnished.

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Despite the criticisms aimed at Jennie, the previous apology of Red Velvet’s Irene for her attitude controversy has also started to be brought up.

Netizens have specifically noted the stark contrast between Irene’s apology and those of other celebrities, such as Jennie, who often share brief apologies on their stories or delete them after a certain time period. Unlike these others, Irene has left her apology post up since 2020.

Based on the opinions of netizens, it can be concluded that Irene has genuinely acknowledged her actions and feels remorse for her mistake.

Here are a few remarks posted in response to a related topic on the Korean forum Pann Nate:

  • Idols often delete it after some time or just upload it as a story, so Irene is impressive
  • It’s clear that she possesses a direct and honest demeanor. While she exudes professionalism and composure, she also has a sensitive side.
  • Irene apologized three times.. Looking at her actions after apologizing, I wish people will stop cursing at her
  • I appreciate her genuine display of reflection.
  • Irene is a sincere person and she is considered the best. However, Jennie did not upload her apology on her social media account because she was afraid it would negatively impact her Instagram feed.
  • I strongly dislike when individuals post apologies as temporary stories.

The link to Pann Nate can be found at, which will open in a new tab.

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