“Queen Of Tears” Staff Shares Excitement Over Rewards From Drama Production Company

On July 10th, the social media and online communities were abuzz with posts from various staff members of tvN’s drama “Queen of Tears”production team.

According to reports, the staff of “Queen of Tears”received gift certificates worth 1 million won (equivalent to about 1000 USD) that can be redeemed at the department stores featured in the drama.

queen of tears

Upon hearing the news, fans of the drama expressed their excitement, saying, “Honestly, this gift would be even better than a reward vacation,””The ‘Queen of Tears’ storyline seems to have lingered with me long after the drama ended,”and “I definitely need to binge-watch the series again.”

“The final episode of “Queen of Tears”achieved the highest viewer rating in tvN history with 24.85%. Additionally, it is the first drama among Netflix original series airing at the same time to make it to the Top 10 non-English series rankings for the first 15 weeks of its broadcast. The show also garnered the most subscribers for tvN Drama’s paid platform TVING. Even after its conclusion in April, the drama remains a popular topic of conversation.”

queen of tears-hyundai

On July 3rd, the popular K-content brand Withmu successfully organized a pop-up store for their drama “Queen of Tears”. The store featured 17 different types of merchandise inspired by significant props from the show, such as the green umbrella gifted by Hyun-woo to Hae-in and the diary written by Hae-in before her surgery. Fans had the opportunity to purchase these items at the pop-up store.

The pop-up store for “Queen of Tears” is also expected to proceed in Japan.

“In the meantime, the drama “Queen of Tears”can be streamed on both TVING and Netflix.”

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