ITZY’s Chaeryeong calls out DAY6’s Young K for smelling like alcohol during a JYP event

On July 9th, the YouTube channel “Merry-Go-Round”posted a video featuring ITZY Chaeryeong along with special guests DAY6’s Young K, comedian Lee Jin-ho, and singer Lee Chae-yeon.

During the video, Chaeryeong and Young K discussed their past experiences at a company workshop.

Chaeryeong inquired, “Do you recall attending the workshop with our agency members?”Young K responded, “I have no recollection. How did I do?”Chaeryeong replied, “You struggled in the morning.”Young K questioned, “Don’t most people find mornings difficult?”

ITZY Chaeryeong young k

Chaeryeong remarked, “You all seemed to have a challenging time. I noticed that all of the band members were sprawled out on the bench like that. I could smell alcohol coming from you guys.”Feeling a bit embarrassed, Young K clarified, “You see, during workshops… We’re not the type to constantly drink and party like that. After our showcase, the older members wanted to gather and have a drink, like a post-show celebration.”

Furthermore, Young K inquired to Chaeryeong, “You used to not smell of alcohol all the time, right?”To which Chaeryeong replied, “I recall it happening quite frequently.”Disagreeing, Young K stated, “I believe that’s just your perception.”Chaeryeong then shared her thoughts on Young K’s busy schedule, saying, “I assumed you were juggling a lot with your studies and main job, so you appeared to be very hardworking.”

While viewing the video, internet users responded with comments such as, “The way Young K spontaneously explained it to the camera is quite comical”and “Young-hoon (Young K’s birth name) appears adorable when he feels embarrassed.”

Furthermore, Chaeyryeong’s series “Fully Belly Chaeryeong Hanging Out With A Friend”consistently releases a new episode every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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