G)I-DLE Receives Mixed Reactions for Bikini Dance: Overexposed or Confident?

On July 10, a post titled “(G)I-DLE’s latest song is gaining popularity overseas” was shared on the Korean forum “theqoo” , garnering interest.

Specifically, the subject shared a video of (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon showcasing her dance moves in a bikini to the girl group’s most recent title track. The choreography itself exuded sensuality, with Soyeon confidently moving her hips.

Despite the positive reception from international fans on Twitter regarding Soyeon’s confidence in the video, the Korean audience has shown a range of reactions. While some have praised the part, others have deemed it “overexposed.”

The following are remarks from online users:

  • It doesn’t even look pretty, it’s just embarrassing…
  • It seems like (G)I-DLE is getting more and more overexposed over time
  • If you watch the whole video instead of a close-up, it’s just a normal sexy choreography. This is just overreacting
  • Given that it is a concept typically associated with summertime, is it not reasonable for wearing bikinis to be viewed as commonplace?
  • Who is the member on the right? The member on the right’s pants are too short too…
  • Their ideas are becoming increasingly bizarre.

Origin: theqoo

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