Disturbing Private Messages of “Burning Sun” Jung Joon-young Were Leaked

On July 10, JTBC broadcasted a segment discussing the reprehensible actions of Jung Joon-young, the “Burning Sun”r*pist, during his time in France following his release from prison.

Specifically, it was disclosed that Jung Joon-young was enjoying his time in a club while in France, engaging in flirtatious behavior and kissing women.


Furthermore, the footage contained private messages between Jung Joon-young and the individual who reported him. In these messages, the male artist disclosed his intentions to open a Korean restaurant in Lyon, France, and also mentioned his origins in Boston.

In addition, he puts on a facade of being a writer and composer, but later revealed his disappointment towards the individual who exposed him following the release of the report about his behavior in France.

It has been 5 years since the Korean entertainment industry was rocked by the “Burning Sun”scandal, and it appears that those responsible, such as Seungri and Jung Joon-young, are faring better than the victims who were affected by it. This paints a bleak picture.

Origin: Krb

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