One Piece Chapter 1120: The Iron Giant’s Strongest Attack Yet

The summary of One Piece Chapter 1120 hints at the Iron Giant’s most powerful attack to date as it confronts the Gorosei.

The Iron Giant, also known as Emeth, is a rare artifact from the Void Century and holds great significance in the Egghead Arc. Despite having been dormant for centuries, the robot awakens upon sensing that Joyboy (Luffy) is in danger.

In Chapter 1116 of One Piece, it is revealed that the Iron Giant is protecting Vegapunk’s broadcasting den den mushi. This results in a confrontation between the Gorosei and the robot, ultimately leading to an intense battle between the two groups.

The Gorosei further disclose that Emeth is the very same robot that had attacked Mary Geoise two centuries earlier. Despite its large size, the robot initially struggles and is ultimately thrown into the ocean by Warcury.

As Emeth is succumbing to the water, he recalls Joyboy’s parting words: “Remember, Emeth, only when the time is appropriate…”The enigmatic figure appears to be alluding to something significant. However, the true meaning of his words remains a mystery until the release of One Piece Chapter 1120.

Inspired by Joyboy, the Iron Giant stands tall once more and delivers a powerful blow to Warcury at the conclusion of Chapter 1119. The following chapter sees their battle persist as Warcury is aided by the remaining Gorosei (excluding Nusjuro). Together, they succeed in destroying one of the robot’s arms.

Emeth declares “the time is right”and as a result, it will utilize “that”. Although the specific topic of the robot’s statement is not explicitly stated, the context suggests that the Iron Giant is referencing its most powerful attack, which should only be employed in specific circumstances.

For quite some time, One Piece has been hinting at the capabilities of the robot. It appears that Chapter 1121 will be when we finally witness Emeth unleashing its complete strength. While there is still much story to be told, it is improbable that the Gorosei will be permanently defeated. However, the robot can certainly provide enough distraction for the Straw Hat Pirates to flee the island.

Before that, there’s still Chapter 1120 to anticipate, which is set to be released on July 14, 2024. In this chapter, we’ll finally find out if Bonney will become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and who will hold the title of having the highest bounty in One Piece.

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