SM No Longer a Vocal Powerhouse? NCT Wish Under Fire for Lacking Vocals

On July 10, NCT Wish, the Japanese unit of boy group NCT, took the stage on the music program “Show Champion”to perform the Korean version of their song “Songbird”.

Furthermore, since the boy group won 1st place on “Show Champion” on the same day, they remained on stage for an extra performance.

Despite the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, being known for debuting vocal powerhouse groups, their encore performance faced criticism from Korean netizens who found their vocals lacking.

nct wish

Currently, discussions on Korean forums like “theqoo”and Pann Nate are predominantly filled with harsh criticisms towards the boy group, with only a minority offering any form of defense.


Here are a few remarks from internet users:

  • It is often said that SM is known for its strong vocalists, so what exactly is this referring to?
  • Their vocals are seriously lacking
  • Is SM’s new group not as vocally strong as before? What is the reason for this change?
  • They are usually not this bad, but today’s encore is disappointing… I wonder if they members were not in good conditions
  • Even regular people can sing better at the Karaoke.

The source of the post is “thqoo”and it was originally shared on “Pann Nate”website.

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