Sasaeng Fans Caught Impersonating Delivery Staff to Steal Personal Information of EXO & NCT Members Fined 3 Million Won

On July 10th, SM Entertainment issued a statement through Kwangya119, stating that during the trial, the defendants confessed to all charges and admitted to committing the criminal acts out of admiration for the artists. They requested for leniency and as a result, each defendant was fined 3 million won.

Last April, a group of sasaeng fans pretended to be delivery workers in order to obtain personal information of the artists during a live broadcast on X (Twitter). This resulted in the public disclosure of the artists’ personal information. Eventually, the police were able to identify four individuals who were involved in the broadcast and two of them, who had directly contacted the artists, were prosecuted.


Despite repeated warnings, unauthorized actions such as contacting artists through their personal phone numbers and visiting their homes have persisted for an extended period of time. These actions, which are not driven by genuine interest but rather malicious intent, have caused severe mental distress for the artists. Despite their public status, the artists have expressed their struggles in coping with this fear-inducing and psychologically harmful behavior.

The agency stated that they will continue to monitor and take legal action against any actions that may harm their artists, including infringement of their rights and reputation. They have already filed several complaints and are now awaiting the outcomes.

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