10 most underrated anime transformations, ranked

Anime transformations that have been overlooked have consistently been a popular topic among the anime community. The Super Saiyan, Dangai Ichigo, and Luffy’s Gear 5 are just a few examples of anime transformations that have sparked intense debates over the years.

Despite fans’ excitement for these significant developments in their beloved series, a number of transformations, such as Sasuke’s cursed mark level 2 and Monster Aizen, have been neglected. This is often a result of their lack of use and the emergence of more powerful and popular transformations that steal the spotlight.

Despite being overlooked, many of these transformations hold significant plot implications. For example, Super Saiyan 2 served as a representation of Gohan’s hidden potential, but was eventually overshadowed by his Ultimate form. Considering the symbolism and admiration these transformations have garnered among fans, it is worth evaluating their level of underrating.

Please be aware that this article may contain minor spoilers for the following series: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Punch Man, and Bleach.

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10) Sasuke’s Curse Mark Second Stage

10th among most underrated anime transformations: Cursed Mark level 2 (Image via Pierrot)
10th among most underrated anime transformations: Cursed Mark level 2 (Image via Pierrot)

Despite the cursed mark’s significant role in the Naruto story, Sasuke Uchiha’s acquisition of it was a major driving force. While the cursed mark’s impact was undeniable and one of the most intriguing elements, Sasuke’s second stage of the mark, which manifested as strange arm-like wings, is often overlooked and even disliked by some fans as one of the less appreciated designs in the Naruto series.

The formation of the cursed mark, which is meant to embody the user in some way, is often criticized for being rushed. This is particularly evident in Sasuke’s cursed mark level 2, which deviates from this concept and is considered one of the most peculiar designs in the series by many fans.

Despite its resemblance to the Karma Seal, the cursed mark has sparked a significant amount of fan theories and continues to hold relevance. Despite this, Sasuke’s level 2 cursed mark transformation remains underrated in the anime world, despite being one of his most captivating forms.

9) The Ultimate Villain: Monster Aizen

9th among most underrated anime transformations: Monster Aizen (Image via Pierrot)
9th among most underrated anime transformations: Monster Aizen (Image via Pierrot)

Despite being defeated and sealed by the combined efforts of Urahara and Dangai Ichigo, Monster Aizen, the final form he revealed after fusing with the Hogyoku, still symbolized his unparalleled power in the realm of Shinigami.

Despite its design and the fact that it is seen by some fans as a desperate attempt by Hogyoku to defeat Ichigo, this transformation is widely disliked by many people. The fanbase’s rejection of its symbolism contributes to its status as one of the most underrated anime transformations.

8) Super Saiyan Blue Kaiken

The technique known as Kaio-ken was created by King Kai.

Throughout the early parts of the Dragon Ball series, this technique was heavily utilized and has a wide range of applications, primarily aimed at amplifying the strength of Goku’s already formidable transformations. Despite its potential to further enhance Ultra Instinct, this technique has been largely overlooked and undervalued by fans, solidifying its status as one of Goku’s most underrated transformations in anime.

7) Mob’s Ultimate Form

7th among most underrated anime transformations: Mob's 100% form (Image via Bones)
7th among most underrated anime transformations: Mob’s 100% form (Image via Bones)

Shigeo’s Meter accurately gauges the level of Psychic Powers being emitted, rather than his Emotion or Heartbeat Rate. The percentage meter also reflects the speed at which Psychic Energy is discharged, whether at a rapid or consistent pace.

Despite the fact that the entire story centers around Mob’s fully unleashed “???”form being pitted against his enemies, the main consequence of this form is Mob losing any trace of his own personality.

In contrast, the 100% form still reflects Mob’s true power and allows him to retain his individuality. Despite this, it has been overshadowed by the emphasis on his completely unleashed form, resulting in the 100% phase being unfairly overlooked as a transformative moment in the anime.

6) The Ultimate Showdown: Saitama vs. Lord Boros

6th among most underrated anime transformations: Unleased Lord Boros (Image via MADHOUSE)
6th among most underrated anime transformations: Unleased Lord Boros (Image via MADHOUSE)

The ruler of the Dark Matter Thieves, a band of extraterrestrial intruders who caused the downfall of A-City, was none other than Boros. Similarly to Saitama, Boros was plagued by a self-inflicted crisis of purpose, as his overwhelming strength left him devoid of any excitement in battle. Despite possessing the raw might to shatter the very earth, Lord Boros was swiftly vanquished by Saitama.

Despite the extreme power scaling in One Punch Man, Boros’ early introduction in the story often leads to his character being overlooked. Despite being one of the strongest threats in the series, Boros’ significance is often forgotten as the overall power levels continue to increase. As a result, his unleashed form remains an underrated transformation in the anime.

5) Natsu’s Dragon Force Form

5th among most underrated anime transformations: Natsu's Dragon Force (Image via A1-Pictures)
5th among most underrated anime transformations: Natsu’s Dragon Force (Image via A1-Pictures)

Dragon Force is the ultimate and strongest level that a Dragon Slayer can achieve, bestowing upon them power equal to that of a true Dragon – the ability to completely annihilate anything in their path.

Dragon Slayers who enter Dragon Force experience a temporary Dragonization process, transforming them into humanoid Dragons. This grants them reptilian scales and characteristics such as elongated and sharp canines, as well as scale-like patterns on their skin.

Despite its initial prominence as a deus ex machina in the Fairy Tail series, Dragon Force was eventually overshadowed by the focus on Natsu’s origins and the looming threat of Acnologia as the ultimate enemy. However, in the Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest manga, Dragon Force is beginning to regain its significance, making it an underrated transformation in the world of anime.

4) Vigilante Deku

The main focus of the Dark Hero Arc was the downfall of the hero society, which was inspired by Izuku’s Vigilante arc. In this arc, Izuku tirelessly fought against countless villains in a crumbling society, creating one of the most memorable moments in the series.

Despite Izuku’s vigilante phase being short-lived, it is still highly regarded by some fans as one of the most competent versions of the character. However, a significant portion of the My Hero Academia fanbase disregards this iteration of Izuku as a subpar and unsuccessful attempt at portraying a morally ambiguous hero.

Nevertheless, despite this fact, the transformation continues to be considered by numerous individuals as one of the most underutilized iterations of Izuku, solidifying its position as one of the most underrated anime transformations in recent times.

3) Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto

After Pain destroyed the entire village of Konoha, Naruto debuted his Sage Mode for the first time. This transformation was a tribute to his late mentor Jiraiya, but it was eventually overshadowed by the Six Path Sage Mode bestowed upon him by Hagoromo and the Tailed Beast Mode, which was a result of Kurama’s influence.

Despite being one of the most iconic transformations in Naruto, Sage Mode has been largely forgotten due to the ever-increasing power levels in the franchise. It is rarely mentioned in the series, making it one of the most underrated anime transformations.

2) Luffy’s Gear Second

Luffy’s Gear 2 was a formidable form that utilized the concept of pumping more blood throughout his body to enhance his strength. Despite its seemingly simple nature, this form also took advantage of Luffy’s rubber body, enabling him to withstand the strain it put on him.

Despite initially being introduced, this form was eventually disregarded and rarely utilized as the story progressed. It was overshadowed by haki and advanced haki, as well as Gear 4 and Gear 5, despite the fact that both of those forms have notable limitations.

Despite its underrated status, Luffy’s Gear 2 transformation is highly praised by many fans. Some argue that instead of constantly relying on Gear 5, Luffy’s use of Gear 2, combined with his experience and haki, would have been a better representation of his character development.

1) Super Saiyan 3

During the Cell Saga, the highly anticipated Super Saiyan 2 form was finally introduced. It was a significant moment in the arc, but unfortunately, it was quickly overshadowed in the subsequent arcs by Gohan’s mystic form and Super Saiyan 3, which were utilized to showcase his immense power.

Despite its initial popularity, Super Saiyan 2 has declined in relevance to the point where the regular Super Saiyan is now the more frequently referenced transformation in all Dragon Ball media. Its untapped potential and lack of recognition make it one of the most underrated transformations in anime.


Despite being largely ignored and occasionally despised, the many entries on this list have proven to have their own dedicated fanbase, thanks to their distinctive designs and positive qualities. Most of the series mentioned are still ongoing, leaving room for these underrated anime transformations to gain more attention.

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