Baldur’s Gate ‘s Carnival Djinn gives “best item” most players miss

It is a daring decision to label something as the best item in Baldur’s Gate 3, considering the vast array of options available. Despite this, certain players are convinced they have discovered the top item, and it is not even a legendary one.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, equipment is not just limited to dealing maximum damage or providing protection. It is crucial to consider how these items can aid you in various situations, not just during battles, when determining the best ones.

The Boots of Very Fast Blinking have recently gained a reputation as the “ultimate item”among some players. This may seem odd, considering they are merely a consolation prize gifted by the Djinn at the carnival.

To justify their claim of being the best, ‘Tookoofox’ shared their thoughts on Reddit, stating that the ability to use Misty Step unlimited times is the main reason. They even went as far as considering a ‘shoes only’ build because of how advantageous this feature is.

The price of utilizing the boots is intriguing, to say the least, as they require you to leave all of your attire behind after using Misty Step. Some players in the comments have noted that this is the reason they often choose not to use them.

“The player commented, “Wait, so they don’t get left behind with the rest of your clothes? I thought that’s why they’re considered worthless.”However, as the OP clarified, when these items are used, they do not get abandoned with the rest of one’s clothes.”

Therefore, the Boot of Very Fast Blinking can be a valuable asset for classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 that do not heavily rely on armor. This item is especially useful for squishy characters such as sorcerers or wizards who need a quick escape from a difficult situation.

It may not be entirely objective to claim that one item is the ultimate best in the game, but it’s hard to ignore the value of boots that grant unlimited uses of a spell like Misty Step. These boots should certainly be considered when discussing top-tier items.

Although some may not consider them to be the top choice, it could be argued that they are quite underrated. This is especially true for an item that is supposed to be the ultimate reward from the Djinn. It may be worth considering incorporating them into your next playthrough.

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