2 Idol Trainees Went Viral for Taking Stalker Fan to the Police Station

“Sasaeng Fans”(also referred to as “stalker fans”) are infamous for their erratic actions, such as constantly following celebrities, purchasing their personal information, and even trespassing into their homes. The situation has become so severe that numerous celebrities have voiced their exasperation and implemented strict security measures.

Zuo Qihan
Zhan Guiyuan

Recently, two aspiring idols in China, Zuo Qihan and Zhan Guiyuan, gained widespread attention for their unique approach in handling obsessive and irrational fans.

Specifically, a fan who was stalking them recently uploaded a video of themselves following the two mentioned trainees, who immediately picked up their pace after noticing the fan.

As the fan persistently bothered the 2 trainees, the two started heading towards… the police station, making their intentions clear.

As the destination became clear, the stalker fan’s confused voice can be heard in the video asking, “Police station? What do you mean by this? Why are you bringing me here?”

The video, originally filmed in February, has rapidly circulated on social media platforms, receiving positive reactions from netizens who commend the trainees’ actions and believe that all stalker fans should be treated in the same manner.

Despite being only 14 years old, Zuo Qihan and Zhan Guiyuan are dealing with severe privacy violations, which has evoked sympathy from many.

Here are a few remarks from online users:

  • This is what idols should do to all of the annoying stalker fans who are always bothering them
  • All idols should take notes of this
  • Petition for K-pop idols to do the same
  • This is simply genius, IQ 200 moment
  • Stalker fans are truly jobless and mentally ill. No normal people who do these types of things
  • Stalker fans in general should all be arrested

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