ZEROBASEONE’s ‘You Had Me At HELLO’ Dominates iTunes Charts Worldwide + Surpasses 1 Million Album Sales

ZEROBASEONE is leaving a lasting impression in the K-pop scene with the release of their latest album.

On May 13, ZEROBASEONE officially launched their highly anticipated third mini album “You had me at HELLO,”along with their title track “Feel the POP.”Fans of ZEROSEs were ecstatic about the comeback, as they were delighted by the upbeat song and varied album.

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As a result of the album’s popularity and the positive response to ZEROSEs, the song “You had me at HELLO”quickly climbed the iTunes charts on May 14. Korean media outlets reported that the album reached the Top Albums list on iTunes in 22 different regions.

The album reached the top spot on charts in numerous countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Qatar, Portugal, Thailand, the United States, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mexico, and many others.

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In addition, the title track of the album, “Feel the POP,”reached the top spot on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 12 different regions, including Singapore, Peru, Bahrain, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chile, and Ecuador.

“Furthermore, “You had me at HELLO”achieved the impressive feat of being the group’s third mini album to surpass 1 million sales. According to Hanteo Chart, “You had me at HELLO”received a staggering 1,008,829 sales on May 13, showcasing the immense excitement for the album.”

In addition to the hit single “Feel the POP,”the album also features B-side tracks including “Solar POWER,””Dear ECLIPSE,””SWEAT,””Sunday RIDE,””HELLO,”and a faster rendition of “Feel the POP.”The music video for “Feel the POP”on YouTube has currently amassed 7,866,836 views as of May 15.

View the complete music video for “Feel the POP”here:

According to the ZEROSEs’ response, this is how they reacted to the music video:

  • “All nine members deserve so much love after all the hard work they put into this album.”
  • “It’s genuinely such an exhilarating experience to listen to it and this comeback really makes me so happy, they’re able to suit any concept wonderfully.”
  • “You guys deserve all the good things in the world. I hope people recognize that.”
  • “I can see 9 vocalists, 9 rappers, 9 dancers, and 9 visuals, but together they are 1 family as ZB1, ZEROSE’S HOME!”
  • “What I like about ZB1’s songs is that they could easily belong to girl groups, they sound very pretty.”
  • “This isn’t just a cute song. It has lots of spices, which are sexy & dreamy aspects and I love how they deliver these new concepts to us.”
  • “ZEROBASEONE really creating their own fresh, soft, and unique summer sound! they’re really a boy group that girl group lovers will also enjoy.”
  • “This album is definitely going to be a hit and SOTY, we’re proud of ZB1. They work hard to prepare the album, we’re cheering for your 3rd mini album to be a success.”
  • “ZEROSE let’s work hard to stream, don’t forget to collect and vote, let’s give them lots of wins, they deserve it.”

Great job to ZEROBASEONE for achieving such an incredible feat!

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