A Bad Day for BLACKPINK’s Jennie!

The recent actions of BLACKPINK’s singer Jennie have caused quite a stir in the online community. On July 8, an article was published accusing her of using electronic cigarettes, leading to widespread speculation. However, this is not the only controversy she has faced recently. In addition, five reporters from a major Korean media outlet have harshly criticized her fashion choices, an area in which she has always excelled.

jennie chanel
Jennie received much criticism from netizens and TV reporters for her appearance with Chanel in Korea.

On July 3, the highly anticipated Chanel Coco Crush pop-up store event was held in Korea, showcasing a star-studded lineup of famous Korean celebrities and delighting the public with a spectacular display. While every individual played a part in the event’s success, it was Jennie Kim who truly stole the show and continues to be a topic of conversation even five days after the party ended.

jennie chanel
jennie chanel
Jennie faced continuous attacks in various aspects regarding her image at the latest Chanel event.

Following the event, Jennie quickly became a trending topic on Korean online forums. There, netizens freely expressed their opinions on her weight gain, although the validity of these claims is uncertain. A simple glance at her photos would reveal the truth. Unfortunately, this has been a recurring issue with some netizens’ toxic behavior towards Jennie. Additionally, the Korean media also joined in on the criticism, taking a harsh approach.

The Weekly Fashion Ranking by YTN posted on July 7.

In particular, YTN, a popular Korean news and entertainment channel, recently placed the BLACKPINK idol at the bottom of their “Weekly Fashion Ranking”and provided harsh critiques. According to the reporters, the following were their comments:

  • Her black dress looks overdone. (Reporter Gong Yeong Ju)
  • In fashion, there is something called TPO. It means you should wear clothes suitable for the time, place, and occasion. There are exceptions, but it seems that wasn’t the case with Jennie’s outfit. Everything from her hairstyle, accessories to the revealing outfit was “too much.” (Reporter Kim Sung Hyun)
  • The combination of the sheer dress and the stockings exceeded the limit. It looked like Dyanne from “The Idol” (a character played by Jennie) stepped out of the film. (Reporter Kwang Hyu Soo)
  • This outfit is very messy, she should remove at least one thing… either the logo stockings or the braided hairstyle. (Reporter Kang Nae Ri)
  • This outfit is too bold for such a formal event. (Reporter Choi Boran)
jennie chanel
YTN reporters believe Jennie was too revealing and “overdone” for a formal event of the brand she has been associated with for seven years.

Despite being complimented by the international community for her fashionable ensemble and makeup choices, Jennie has yet to gain a positive reception from the majority of the Korean public. In this instance, the reporters’ remarks were heavily influenced by their personal opinions, as they felt that Jennie’s outfit did not meet their standards of beauty.

This further emphasizes the inflexibility of fashion standards, evident in comments such as “too revealing, beyond limits.”It’s no surprise that BLACKPINK fans frequently comment on the way the four girls transform and embody a sense of liberation when they are overseas. In fact, Jennie’s attire on that particular day was not remarkably revealing or inappropriate, as she had previously worn similar ensembles to multiple Chanel events in Paris, the renowned fashion hub.

blackpink jennie
blackpink jennie
Jennie shows her “boldness” in France as the Global Ambassador for Chanel. Are Korean TV reporters being too harsh on her sensuality at home?
jennie blackpink
A similar look Jennie wore at the Chanel Spring/Summer 2024 Paris Fashion Week event with the signature monogram fishnet stockings.

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