Appeal Trial for Jung Eun-ji’s Stalker Set for Today (Jul 9th)

On July 9th, the Seoul Central District Court will hold the initial appeal trial for A, a woman in her 50s who was indicted for stalking. The trial will take place later in the day, as stated by the legal community.

As a result, A was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation by the initial trial court in January. Additionally, they imposed a fine of 100,000 won and mandated A to complete 120 hours of community service and 40 hours of lectures on preventing repeat stalking crimes.

Jung Eun Ji

During the court proceedings, it was stated that “A’s message to the victim exceeded the typical level of support, interest, and admiration that fans have for their favorite celebrity.”The court further emphasized that “while the victim may have joined Instagram and Bubble app to engage with the public and fans, this does not equate to giving permission for any form of contact or approach.”

Upon further explanation, the court stated that the crime committed by A had caused damage and resulted in the victim experiencing mental shock, pain, anxiety, and fear. Furthermore, despite being accused of the crime, A has shown no signs of remorse or reflection.

Jung Eun Ji

A later filed an appeal against the ruling of the court.

In the meantime, A has been accused of stalking after it was discovered that she had sent a total of 544 messages to Jung Eun-ji since March 2020. Furthermore, A had also been following Jung Eun-ji’s car.

Out of the 544 DM messages A sent to Jung Eun-ji in the span of five months, some of them questioned if she had taken legal action against him and insisted that he had only sent her text messages. Eventually, Jung Eun-ji and her agency made the decision to pursue legal action against A.

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