Actor from Mother’s Milk desires for The Boys to conclude with highest cost possible

Despite the looming end of The Boys, one star suggests that the series should conclude in a grand fashion by creating a film, involving the entire cast.

On Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, a few of The Boys’ actors, such as Antony Starr, Chace Crawford, and Laz Alonso, joined in for a conversation. Unsurprisingly, they discussed the finale of the show.

Horowitz inquired with the cast if anyone had offered suggestions for the finale of the show. Alonso, who portrays Mother’s Milk, disclosed that he was attempting to persuade showrunner Eric Kripke to end the series with a potentially costly but spectacular finale.

The clip starts at 45:07 in the video, which can be viewed at

“Alonso disclosed that he has been pitching the idea of ending the show with a feature film to Eric, but has been unsuccessful thus far. His plan was to leave the last episode of Season 5 on a cliffhanger and announce the film that has been in the works since the start of the series. However, Eric always manages to avoid this idea.”

Fans were finally relieved when plans for The Boys to end were announced in June 2024. The announcement followed a brief period of uncertainty about the show’s future beyond Season 5, which reminded many of Kripke’s long-running Supernatural.

It is currently unknown how The Boys will conclude, however, the series is laying the groundwork for what could potentially be a ruthless final season. Numerous fans speculate that characters like A-Train and The Deep may meet their demise, as Homelander’s instability continues to intensify and Billy Butcher’s life hangs in the balance.

Despite the current bleak outlook, fans can take comfort in the fact that this is not the end for the franchise as a whole. The production of Gen V Season 2 is underway and a spin-off, The Boys: Mexico, is in the works. Additionally, there are rumors of an animated series that will closely follow the original comics.

In addition, you can stay updated on the Season 4 release schedule and discover other new TV shows available for streaming this month.

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