Fortnite players reach breaking point with “impossible” All Sweat Summer quests

Ever since its launch, Fortnite’s All Sweat Summer quests have been true to their name, proving to be quite challenging for players. Some of these quests have even left players puzzled and frustrated with their seemingly “impossible”objectives.

In 2024, Epic Games brought back its yearly summer event with a refreshed selection of cosmetic prizes for players to attain through completing quests. Additionally, Epic announced that new quests will be introduced daily during the event.

The difficulty of these challenges has been rising steadily as each day passes, and players have now reached their breaking point.

On July 8, Epic released two quests: one challenging players to “Win a Victory Royale”and the other to achieve a “Crowned Victory Royale”by winning two consecutive Battle Royale matches without losing the crown or picking one up during the matches.

Numerous posts have emerged in the Fortnite community expressing their disbelief in the seemingly “impossible”challenges. One player, Megazard02, voiced their frustration in a Fortnite Reddit post: “Alright Epic, what the sweat is this?”

All Sweat Summer Fortnite event.
Epic Games

Fortnite All Sweat Summer teaser image.

“One player exclaimed, “I can’t believe it, I actually won a Crowned Victory Royale yesterday and that’s a rare occurrence for me.”Their companion responded, “No way, I’m terrible at the game, that’s not fair.”

“Another person commented that the summer event was “nothing but hard work with minimal rewards and no enjoyment.”

On July 9, Epic released two additional quests: “Collect a Victory Crown”and the more difficult “Win a Victory Royale while on a Wastelander Challenge.”A Fortnite player, enderjaca, shared a screenshot of these quests on the game’s Reddit page with the title, “They’re just messing with us now.”

The commentor expressed their disbelief, stating that the achievements are becoming more and more outlandish. They questioned what could possibly be next, such as obtaining a head shot with a sniper rifle from over 100m while jumping, or earning a Victory Crown while simultaneously holding all three Medallions.

Fortnite All Sweat Summer event cosmetic rewards.
Epic Games

he Water Levels Wrap, Summer Sail Shark glider, and Deck Ducky Back Bling cosmetic rewards.

Despite the criticisms, a few players spoke up to publicly call out the rest of the community: “There’s a reason it’s called All Sweat Summer.”In order to obtain all three special rewards, it will be necessary to finish a maximum of 20 Summer quests.

Despite popular belief, there will be numerous alternative quests available to complete. As one individual stated, “Fortunately, there are at least 30 other simple challenges to choose from, so completing 20 will suffice.”

On the other hand, not everyone was convinced. One player responded, “I had the same thought, but the challenges kept getting tougher each day. I can’t help but wonder what kind of challenges are still ahead of us.”

Players of Fortnite will be given until August 16 to finish all the All Sweat Summer missions and collect all their cosmetic rewards.

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