Adult Entertainment Establishment Manager Sentenced to 2 Years for Drug Use After Blackmailing Lee Sun-kyun

On July 11th, the legal community reported that during the final trial at Incheon District Court’s Criminal Division 14 (led by Judge Son Seung-bum) on July 9th, the prosecution requested a two-year prison sentence for A. A was charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act for using psychoactive drugs and marijuana.

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The prosecution considered A’s prior drug-related convictions when making their sentencing recommendation.

A, who has previously been convicted six times for drug-related offenses, was charged with using or smoking philopon, ketamine, and marijuana on three separate occasions between March and August of last year.

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A separate case involved an indictment of A for blackmailing Lee Sun-kyun for 300 million won in September of last year.

During her initial trial for the extortion accusations, A refuted the blackmail claims and asserted, “I simply notified Lee Sun-kyun that I was being extorted by a hacker.”

At the same time, Lee Sun-kyun died on December 27th of last year while under police investigation for accusations of drug use.

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