NewJeans: Korea’s Youthful Tourism Ambassadors for 2024

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has selected the popular girl group NewJeans as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism for the year 2024, in an effort to enhance Korea’s appeal to the global youth demographic.

The ministry officials held a special ceremony to present the group with a plaque in recognition of their role in promoting Korean culture and tourism globally, marking their prestigious appointment.


NewJeans, renowned for their dynamic influence in the K-pop scene, will lead initiatives aimed at the worldwide 2030 demographic.

Last year, 35.6% of foreign tourists under the age of 30 showed a considerable interest in Korean culture by visiting Korea.

Additionally, according to the Ministry’s report, the majority (84%) of these travelers were self-directed adventurers who were primarily attracted by Korean Wave content.


The group’s ambassadorship will aim to highlight “Koreans’ Korea,”emphasizing genuine and one-of-a-kind Korean experiences that go beyond traditional tourist destinations.

The objective of this approach is to acquaint travelers with local customs and daily routines, offering unique perspectives that are not readily available through typical internet searches.

NewJeans’ marketing campaign will showcase their involvement in various cultural experiences in Korea, including strolling through traditional markets, indulging in delicious dishes like gimbap with tteokbokki sauce, satisfying their hunger with cup noodles after a hike, and savoring chungmu gimbap while admiring the beach.

These endeavors are intended to appeal to youthful international explorers in search of genuine cultural encounters.

“We are honored to be appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism. We look forward to sharing our love for Korean culture with fans around the world and inviting them to discover the beauty and warmth of Korea through our eyes.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is confident that NewJeans’ widespread popularity and influence will greatly contribute to the appeal of Korea as a top destination for global travelers, especially among the younger generation.

  • newjeans has been appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism <3
  • Nation’s daughters and pride, no can change that fact
  • might be hard for international antis to visit korea anytime soon…coz njs faces is gonna be everywhere…
  • now nobody is going to korea anymore

This collaboration is anticipated to continue driving the expansion of cultural tourism in Korea, building on the achievements of the Korean Wave phenomenon.

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