aespa Winter and LE SSERAFIM Yunjin Reportedly Spotted on Dinner Date in Japan

Rumors are circulating that aespa’s Winter and LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin were spotted having dinner together in Japan.

On July 7, 2024, Huh Yunjin posted a series of photos from her time in Japan. The LE SSERAFIM band is currently in Japan for their “FEARNADA”tour. According to one of the photos she shared, it appears that she had a dinner date with aespa’s Winter.

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What was the giveaway? In a photo featuring Yunjin’s plate and the plate of the person sitting across from her, a portion of an iPhone case can be spotted. This happens to be the exact same iPhone case that Winter had in one of her Instagram posts, where she is seen taking a mirror selfie!

aespa Winter & LE SSERAFIM Yunjin Reportedly Spotted on 'Dinner Date' in Japan
aespa Winter & LE SSERAFIM Yunjin Reportedly Spotted on ‘Dinner Date’ in Japan (Photo : Winter Instagram)
aespa Winter & LE SSERAFIM Yunjin Reportedly Spotted on 'Dinner Date' in Japan
aespa Winter & LE SSERAFIM Yunjin Reportedly Spotted on ‘Dinner Date’ in Japan (Photo : Huh Yunjin Instagram)

At present, aespa is in Japan for the purpose of promoting their Japanese debut single, “Hot Mess.”It is widely known among fans of both LE SSERAFIM and aespa that Winter and Yunjin share a close friendship. In a fan sign event held in March 2023, Winter disclosed that Yunjin was a former trainee at SM Entertainment and had lived in the same dorm as her and Ningning during her training days.

Afterward, Ningning confirmed the news and disclosed that she, Winter, and Yunjin had dined together at “Inkigayo”and fondly remembered their time as trainees.

In November of the same year, Winter, Giselle, Yunjin, and Jeon Somi all posted TikTok videos of themselves wearing hoodies to promote aespa’s comeback with “Drama”. It was rumored that the four of them had a sleepover, explaining their cozy attire of hoodies and sweatpants.

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Yunjin and Winter’s dinner date in Japan demonstrated the enduring strength of their friendship. Korean netizens have observed that aespa and LE SSERAFIM appear to have a close relationship, as their schedules often coincide. It is unfortunate that certain K-pop fans have attempted to create tension between LE SSERAFIM and other groups, particularly aespa, in an effort to isolate the girl group.

Despite the revelation that HYBE’s founder Bang Si Hyuk had asked ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin to “crush aespa,”many were surprised to see that Winter and Yunjin’s friendship remained intact. Fans emphasized that their relationship would not be affected by the actions of their company’s representatives.

Conversely, numerous individuals were taken aback by the fact that fans were able to deduce Yunjin’s dinner date with Winter from such a subtle clue, and playfully suggested that those who uncovered it must possess detective skills.

Several messages from netizens stated,

  • “Huh Yunjin is close with Winter and Hanni (NewJeans), and Karina is close with Hong Eunchae. These groups have a good relationship with each other, but their fandoms are always pitting them against LE SSERAFIM and trying to alienate them.”
  • “There is no way their friendship would fall apart just because of their company’s representatives. It’s not like it’s the ’90s.”
  • “They have always been close.”
  • “Are you f*cking Detective Conan?!”
  • “Their schedules always overlap. It appears they got really close.”

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